Classes at Your Fingertips

If you work well independently and have good time management skills, online classes may be right for you.

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Pikes Peak Community College offers a wide variety of online classes, in addition to the PPCC Online Campus, students also have the option to enroll in additional courses though CCCOnline (Colorado Community Colleges Online). In most cases, students need only an up-to-date computer and an Internet connection, and those without a home computer can use equipment and software in any PPCC instructional computer lab as long as classes are in session. Students access online course materials, complete assignments, participate in threaded discussions, and take examinations online. In most cases, no trips to campus are required (noted exception: At least two exams in PPCC Online math classes must be taken in a PPCC Testing Center or other proctored environment.)

Online courses are NOT open entry/open exit or Independent Study.Instructors establish due dates for assignments, discussions and examinations. Within those time frames, however, students work at their own pace, with no specific times to be online. Online classes also have the same registration process and maximum enrollment cap as their traditional face-to-face section counterparts, when a class is full, only the instructor can give students permission to enroll.

If you decide to take online classes, get started right by registering in the "PPCC Student Orienteering" practice class. Click on Orientations for details and instructions. The orientation is open to all students and all hybrid and most face-to-face classes will also require students to use of Desire2Learn.

Out-of-state Students

Please refer to the State Authorizations page for information and maps.

Important Facts About Online Courses

  • There are two types of online course offerings available through Pikes Peak Community College, PPCC Online Courses and CCCOnline Courses.
    • Online courses at PPCC are not a separate program that students are locked into, students may mix and match PPCC Online Courses, CCCOnline Courses, on campus and hybrid courses to meet their scheduling needs.
    • Online classes are not open entry, they run on a regular semester schedule and do have an enrollment maximum limit for each course.
    • Some PPCC Online courses will require on-campus testing (or proctored testing at another location) but most online courses require no on-campus time. Generally the only classes requiring on-campus testing will be math and some science courses.

How do I enroll in an online course?

  • Students register for online courses the same way as for any other PPCC course. Students must register using the online registration system or go to the Admissions/Records office to submit paper enrollment forms. Prerequisites and placement test scores apply just like they do for on-campus classes and online classes are fully accredited and transfer just like the on campus classes. Prerequisites are an academic block that require the instructor’s signature. The eLearning department does not sign off on registration forms for prerequisites or late entry into courses. Also see the course Wait List FAQ page. The eLearning staff will be happy to assist you in finding contact information for the instructor that you need a signature from.
    • When registering for PPCC Online classes look for courses with an N in the section number (for example, ACC 115-1N1, BUS 115-4N1). There are many courses offered in a 15-week and a 10-week format, there is a smaller selection of courses also offered in the 5-week tri-semester and 7 1/2 week bi-semester formats. These courses are taught by PPCC faculty and generally use the same textbooks as their on-campus counterparts.
    • When you register for CCCOnline courses look for class listings with a C in the section number (for example, HIS 101-C11, ENG 121-C41) There are sections offered in a 15-week, a 10-week and in 6-week formats. Colorado Community Colleges Online courses are taught by faculty from our Community College System schools all around the state, the students will also be a mix from the twelve Colorado Community Colleges.
  • Special tuition rates apply to online courses. Check the online Tuition and Fee Schedule or web registration for details.
    • For questions regarding tuition please contact Financial Services (719) 502-2300 or the Cashier (719) 502-2444.

I have been dropped from my course, how do I re-enroll?

  • Students may be dropped from courses for non-payment, dropped by the instructor as a no-show or dropped by the instructor if they feel that prerequisites have not been met to prepare a student for their course.
  • If you are dropped for non-payment contact Financial Services about being re-enrolled. Please contact Financial Services at (719) 502-2300 or the Cashier (719) 502-2444.
  • If you are dropped by the instructor it is the instructor that must grant permission for you to be re-enrolled. If your course is a CCC Online course please contact eLearning for further instructions (719) 502-3555

When and how do I access my course materials?

  • PPCC Online courses run on the same semester calendar as their on-campus counterparts
  • CCCOnline's academic schedule is often different from the PPCC, so check the academic calendar for details (typically, but not always, running about a week apart).
  • Plan to log-in on the first day of class by logging into the myPPCC Portal (, go to the Student tab and on your Student Schedule click on the name of your course, a D2L page will open in a new tab or new web browser window.
    • You may also login directly on the D2L homepage using the same user name and password as the myPPCC portal registration system: (you will need to do this to access the orientation before classes begin)
  • PPCC Online courses typically use the same textbook as the on-campus version of the same course, CCCOnline textbooks may be different than the ones used for PPCC classes.
    • Both PPCC Online and CCCOnline texts are available at the PPCC Bookstore
    • CCCOnline books are also available through the CCCOnline web site.
  • Because online classes are not open entry you cannot access your course early and instructors will expect you to begin participating immediately once the course begins. Although you do not have to be online at a specific time of day you will have regular coursework deadlines that must be met.
    • Simply logging in or sending an email to your instructor is not considered academic participation, there may be specific assignments that must be completed for you not to be dropped as a "no-show" by your instructor.

Both PPCC Online and CCCOnline use Desire2Learn software, but they are accessed from different D2L entry pages. If you are enrolled in both PPCC and CCCOnline courses you must access them through the two different D2L entry pages, all of your courses will not be displayed on one D2L homepage.

What kind of computer system is required for an online course, do I need any special software or hardware to take an online class?

  • In most cases students only need access to an up-to-date computer and the internet to take an online course. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they have access whenever necessary to at least one computer the meets the minimum requirements, the same way it is the on-campus student's responsibility to attend class to keep up with work and meet deadlines. Technical or login problems are not an automatic pass for turning assignments in after the due date. The computer requirements can be met at home, the PPCC computer labs or libraries, a student might even be using a computer at another college or a public library.
    • PPCC Computer labs are available at the Centennial, Rampart Range and Downtown Studio campuses, visit their webpage for hours PPCC Computer Lab.
    • Computers are available in the PPCC Library at either the Centennial or Rampart campus, visit their webpage for hours PPCC Library.

Before you begin class, please run the browser check tool to test your system's compatibility with the Desire2Learn system, a browser tune-up may be required.

  • The Colorado Community College System 24/7 Technical Support page has System Requirements listed for both computers and mobile devices.
    • Listings of System and Software requirements.
    • The 24/7 Tech Support system can be reached online and by phone 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. The support staff can provide assistance with D2L, student email accounts, accessing the myPPCC portal and more
    • There are also links to this Help page form both the PPCC and CCC Online websites and both D2L sites.
  • Some courses may require a web cam, headset or a microphone but this is not a general requirement for all classes, it is specific to courses that would need these additional items such as a foreign language course that would require the instructor to hear you speak to assess your learning of course materials. Other courses may require access to software such as a student taking MGD 111 Photoshop I would require that they have access to the Photoshop software to complete their coursework. The PPCC computer labs generally have software loaded that is required for classes (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  • You do not need to be a computer wiz to take an online class but basic computer skills are a must to succeed in any class. Students should be able to send an email, to attach a file to an email, be able to use the web for research and use web processing software such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. There are links in the PPCC D2L online orientation course to resources to help improve your computer skills.
  • Students may also attend a workshop on-campus, the “Tech-KNOW Party”, offered by Retention Services that will cover the basics of PPCC systems such as the myPPCC portal, student email and Desire2Learn. Visit their page Retention Services Workshops for more information or contact Retention Services by phone at (719) 502-2360 or by email at

What if I need adaptive software or equipment to access the Internet?

Some students with disabilities may require adaptive software/hardware that is needed to access the Internet and used with various word processing programs. These adaptive tools are the responsibility of the student since they are to be used at home, but there are resources and information available to assist students in identifying and/or acquiring such tools.

Are you a CCC Online student that needs help?
Visit the CCCOnline Need Help page

Are you a PPCC student that needs to report a concern (for any class or reason)?
Visit the PPCC Report a Concern or Incident page.