Orientation for PPCC Online Campus

Students can enroll in the free practice course called "PPCC Student Orienteering" located on the home page of PPCC Online Campus. You will learn your way around content modules, participate in a discussion, turn in a practice assignment, take a practice quiz and become familiar with navigating the course and how D2L works.

PPCC Student Orienteering is open to all Pikes Peak Community College students. PPCC students are expected to be able to use D2L proficiently to complete their coursework since all PPCC courses use D2L in the PPCC Online Campus.

How to Self-Register in the PPCC Student Orienteering Practice Course

  • Click on "Enroll in PPCC Student Orienteering" under the PPCC logo on the left side
  • Click on the course offering named: PPCC Student Orienteering
  • Click on Register
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Finish
  • You are now enrolled in the guide course "PPCC Student Orienteering" .
  • You will now see it in the My Courses list.

Use the same login information you used when registering for classes.

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