At the Global Village, we share experiences, value culture, and make connections. All are welcome.

Join The Global Village Roundtables every week:

All students are welcome to participate in student-led weekly discussions on each campus around global and student issues.

Mondays, Downtown Campus, Breezeway btwn buildings 10 am 

Wednesdays , Rampart Campus, Atrium at 12:30 pm

Thursdays, Centennial Campus, Community Table A312 at 11am


For More Information or to Get Involved:

Global Village Lead, Associate Professor Amy Cornish 719-502-3114

Faculty Mentor, Assistant Professor Bruce McCluggage 719-502-3493

Faculty Mentor, Assistant Professor Emily Forand 719-502-3537

High Impact Practices Assistant Director Zach Pharr 719-502-3636


Week of September 10/12/13

What kinds of supports do students need to be successful?

Week of September 17/19/20 

International Day of Democracy and Peace: What is true democracy? Do we have it? Can war bring peace? How is democracy viewed around the world?

Speaker Opportunity

World Famous Speaker:  Ron Stallworth, the subject of the movie hit 2018 BlackKklansman, speaks at Centennial Campus Theater on Thursday, September 20th from 11am to 1pm.

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