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Featured Project:

Save Mill Street!

Students worked with community partners to better understand how the Mill Street Neighborhood can build community, access resources, and address neighborhood issues.  The Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO), the City of Colorado Springs, the Independence Center, Springs Rescue Mission, and many other local organizations and stakeholders are involved in the Mill Street Study. The Mill Street neighborhood was identified decades ago as a neighborhood in dire need of resources. 

PPCC students took part in the exploration of need and opportunities for community building, looking specifically at Social, Political, Economic, Environmental, Cultural, and Historical factors (acronym “SPEECH”).  This multi-faceted lens provides students an understanding of geography, community, and diversity in a hands-on project the exists right in their backyard… a project that they we be able to watch unfold over the coming years! To this day, students are asking about how they can remain involved in the Mill Street Project. Learn more about the Mill Street Plan here.

Shout Out! PPCC’s World Regional Geography (GEO 105) students were acknowledged in the City of Colorado Springs’ Mill Street Neighborhood Plan!

Colorado Springs acknowledges student's help

What We're Into

Neighborhood Improvement • Fundraising • Improving Homeless Shelters • Serving at Soup Kitchens • Peace-Making • Environmental Awareness • Music Festivals • Theater Promotion • Support for Low-Income Native American Communities • Police-Force Engagement • Food Drives • Civil Liberties • Library Reading • Donations • Bake Sales • Ending Human Trafficking • Enriching Long-Term Care Facilities • Rehabilitation Centers • Working with Youth Offenders • Decreasing Food Waste • Healthy Eating • Animal Shelters • Senior Memoirs • Helping Disabled Adults • Affordable Medical Care • Letters of Advocacy • Veterans • Math Intrigue Outreach • Cultural and Linguistic Presentations • Tutoring Tools • Deaf Culture Immersion • Real-World Experience • Charitable Marketing • Community Forums • Philosophy • The Colorado Ballot Outreach • Social Justice • Art • The Right to Rest • Fair Hiring Practices • Suicide Prevention • Native American Land Rights • Stopping Workplace Bullying • Accessing Rural Healthcare • Care for Refugee Children • Multilingual Rights • Safety From Political Propaganda • Humanitarian Aid • Assisting Undocumented Immigrants • Improving Public Education • Senior Fraud Prevention • Fairness • School Choice • Fighting Social Media Bullying • Immigrant Sanctuaries • Free Community College • Food Redistribution Centers • Refugee Policy • Cultural Competency

Take a Service Learning Course

Interested? Get involved and receive life experience!

Service Learning Courses


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

- Winston Churchill


Katie Wheeler.jpg

Service on the Radio


Listen to Katie Wheeler discuss Service Learning projects at PPCC, including...

  • Partnering with the Boys and Girls club
  • Working with the local homeless community
  • Hosting a spooky haunted house

Click to listen to the radio clip!


Students Say

“I am very passionate about food security, so I enjoyed writing the proposal to my school district. I hope to be able to have the opportunity to implement it in the future.”

“We got a taste of what it would be like in the real world.”

“My favorite part would be the reporting part of this service learning project because I get to look back on it and really think about what I learned and what we talked about.”

“I was able to get student government to start a dialogue about creating a safety committee or at the very least a safety liaison.”

“Being able to physically engage and see artifacts that we had been learning about all semester solidified many of the concepts.”

“I have learned to expand my caring and compassion to all walks of life. Interviewing a senior citizen has given me a glimpse into my own future and I have discovered how I would like to be treated.”