Solve tough, interesting, and relevant questions. Build a mentoring relationship with faculty. Develop critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and intellectual independence. Become an Undergraduate Research Scholar at Pikes Peak Community College.

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Creating spaces for students, faculty, and community members to foster rich experiences in Undergraduate Research.


Creating opportunities for students to expand their minds through inquiry, grow academically through faculty mentorship, become competent researchers, and increase their soft skills by writing and speaking about their research. 


Pikes Peak Community College not only recognizes the importance of original research, but we also view the validation of research as significant experiences that imbue research skills. These experiences will put students on a pathway to learn research skills and to become proficinet researchers.  We welcome orignial research, and support students who want to recreate original research for verification.

For more information about undergraduate research opportunities, contact the Undergraduate Research Faculty Specialist, Associate Professor Glenn Rohlfing at (719)502-3462 or

Did You Know?

Participation in undergraduate research benefits students in areas that can reach far beyond academia, in areas like:

  • Developing tolerance for obstacles

  • Learning to work independently

  • Understanding how knowledge is constructed

  • Building self-confidence

  • Finding evidence for assertions

  • Clarifying career paths

(Source: Undergraduate Research Experiences Support Science Career Decisions and Active Learning)

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Fall 2019

Research topics that PPCC students are currently exploring:

  • Phi Theta Kappa: Politics of Identity - Transforming Stigma Related to Childhood Epilespy to Create a Positive Self-Identity

Students: Andre Guy, Mariah Mayhugh, Hailey, and Maria Bergman
Faculty Mentors: Ilah Jackson and Glenn Rohlfing

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"Having someone tell you that your ideas, research, and presentations are valuable enough to heard by actual academics is one of the most inspiring things to ever happen to me. That is the value of having community college students at events like these and having undergraduates present their own research... CSURF made me feel like a valuable member of the academic community."

-- Joshua Van Sanford, PPCC Student and Undergraduate Research Scholar

The Research Process

Take a journey through the incredible field of research!

The Process

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