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Spring Instructional Plans


As we begin to transition lab-based classes back onto campus, please check the program-specific information below to help you plan for the remainder of the spring semester.  Any face-to-face in-class time will require masks and social distancing.



Automobile Collision Technology

Year I & II: 

Monday- Thursday: Centennial Campus 

Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning



Automobile Service Technology

 Year I:  

Cohort A:

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: Centennial Campus

Monday & Wednesday: Remote Learning

Cohort B:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Centennial Campus

Tuesday & Thursday: Remote Learning


Year II: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Centennial Campus

Tuesday & Thursday: Remote Learning



Monday - Friday: TEC (Springs Fab) Building

Criminal Justice

Year I: 

Duncan Moorman's class:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:  Remote Synchronous  

Wednesday: CSI Labs - Centennial Campus 


Ken McAlpine's class:

Class at Centennial Campus

Cohort A: Monday & Wednesday

Cohort B: Tuesday & Thursday 

Fridays:  Remote Synchronous


Year II:

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous

Culinary Arts

Year I: 

Amy Balagot's class:  

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:  Remote Learning

Tuesday & Thursday:  Kitchen Labs 


David Dias' class:

Monday & Wednesday:  Kitchen Labs

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday:  Remote Learning


Year II:  

Kitchen Labs

Cohort A: Monday

Cohort B: Wednesday   

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:  Remote Learning

Culinary Arts Uniform Requirements

COVID19 Lab Requirements

Updated 2/24/2021

Cyber Security

Year I:  

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning

Spring Textbook Distribution Information

January 7th, 12:30pm - 5:00pm

January 12th, 9:00am - 2:00pm

January 13th, 12:00pm - 5:00pm


Year II:  

Follow traditional college schedule

Diesel Power Mechanics

Year I:  

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:  Centennial Campus

Tuesday & Thursday:  Remote Learning


Year II:  

Cohort A

Monday, Tuesday & Friday:  Centennial Campus

Wednesday & Thursday: Remote Learning

Cohort B

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:  Centennial Campus

Monday & Tuesday:  Remote Learning


Early Childhood Education

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning

Fire Science Technology

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning


Health Science Technology/CNA

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning

Check with your instructor regarding In-person labs.

HST A Schedule

HST B Schedule

HST C Schedule


Health Careers Exploration

Monday - Friday: Remote Synchronous Learning

Beginning March 5th:

In-person labs every Friday - Centennial Campus


Updated 2/24/21


Multimedia Graphic Design

Year I: 

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning


Year II:  

Monday - Thursday:  Remote Learning

Friday:  Centennial Campus (January 22nd - May 21st) 

Adobe Creative Cloud: How to video

Radio and Television

Monday - Friday: Remote Synchronous Learning

Beginning April 12th:

In-person labs every Monday & Wednesday - Centennial Campus


Updated 2/24/21

Veterinary Assistant

Coming for the 2021 -2022 school year.


Welding I:  

Monday - Friday:  Centennial Campus

Students will rotate between classroom & labs with 2 instructors


Welding II: 

Morning Session

Monday - Friday (9:00am - 11:40am) at TEC (Springs Fab) Building


Afternoon Session  

Monday & Tuesday only (11:45am - 5:15pm) at TEC (Springs Fab) Building


** All welding students are required to wear steel-toed footwear to prevent injuries in the welding lab.  These are not provided by the Career Start Program.  These shoes are available at many local stores including Walmart and Target and must be worn anytime you are in the welding lab.  All other safety equipment is provided by Career Start. **

Zoo Keeping

Year I:  

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Visit Days:

March 11th & April 8th 

Year II:  

Monday - Friday:  Remote Synchronous Learning

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Visit Days:

March 18th & April 15th