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Concurrent Enrollment

How do I know I am ready for a Concurrent Enrollment class?

Your placement in courses will depend on Accuplacer test scores or ACT/SAT scores.

Why should I take Concurrent Enrollment courses?

Earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously.

Save money by having your school district pay for part of your college education.

Get ahead in the classes in your interest area.

Learn new or advanced areas of study.

Guaranteed transfer courses offered at PPCC may be transferred to public Colorado 4-year colleges or universities.

Refer to the Colorado Department of Higher Education website for additional transfer information and resources.

What type of Concurrent Enrollment can I take?

Any course in which you meet the prerequisite and approved by your high school.

Where are Concurrent Enrollment courses held?

CE courses can be taken on any PPCC campus: Centennial, Rampart Range, Downtown Studio, or the Creekside Center. Many courses are offered online for an additional fee as well.

I have registered – now what?

Plan to attend orientation, the times are listed to the right.

Please review your detailed student schedule for important dates such as drop and withdraw dates.

If you have questions or concerns, call the High School Programs Office at 719.502.3111.

Concurrent Enrollment

Orientation Schedule 

Summer 2020  - TBD                                              

Date Time Campus Room


Career Start at PPCC

  • What high school credit will be earned through Career Start?
    Check with your high school counselors. Determining what specific credit is earned through Career Start varies from high school to high school.
  • What applications do I need to submit to be in Career Start?
    First, see if there is an application or paperwork to be filled out for the high school. You will want to get that from your high school counselor. Once your school has agreed that you would be a good candidate, fill out the PPCC application and the Career Start application found on this website or with your counselor.
    Make sure you have all necessary signatures and the applications are filled out completely. Keep in mind that if either of the two applications is missing any information, this could result in you not getting your first choice program. To assure your first choice program, please turn in all paperwork to your high school counselor as soon as possible. Programs fill up quickly!
  • Which program is the best fit for me?
    Look at each program's descriptions. It explains what types of skills, interests, and possible careers that tie to that program. Discuss your top choices with your high school counselor, and ask them if you can attend an Career Start student visit day. During the visit, you'll get a chance to meet the instructor(s), review the curriculum, and get a glimpse of what the program can offer you.
  • How much college credit will I be able to earn?
    Depending on the program, you have the opportunity to earn anywhere from 10 to 25 credit hours a year! However, how much credit earned is dependent on the student. A certain grade and performance level is necessary for college credit.
  • What credit will transfer to four-year colleges?
    Many in-state schools have a transfer agreement with Pikes Peak Community College, however, be sure to check with the schools to which you are applying to avoid any surprises.
  • What credit will count when I enroll at PPCC?
    All of your credits will be available as a student at PPCC. If you continue with your Career Start program at the collegiate level, you'll have a great head start and be able to graduate early.
  • What criteria do I need to meet to be in Career Start?
    Each high school has particular criteria for their Career Start students. Career Start has specific criteria for certain programs as well, which can be found in their program description. Students who have initiative, the ability to self-advocate, and interest in their program area are likely to succeed at Career Start.
  • What job opportunities or job placement is available?
    Career Start does not guarantee direct job placement; however, some programs have internship and work opportunities as part of the program. All programs have a business and industry advisory committee, made up of community employers and practitioners of that field. It is through those committees and current internship placements that many students and instructors learn about available positions.
  • How many college credits will I have completed when I finish my Career Start courses?
    Again, it all depends on you! Work hard, complete both the academic and practical learning experiences, and use this as an opportunity to get ahead!
  • What does it mean if I am on a wait list?
    If you are on the wait list for your first choice, that particular program has reached full capacity. Capacity is determined by room size, safety issues, and equipment availability. You will be placed in your second choice program if it is available. You will be contacted by the Career Start office if a seat becomes available in your first choice.