Student Counseling Resources

Respect on Campus

(719) 502-2762

Respect on Campus works to reduce dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking by providing students with information to increase knowledge.

Student Counseling and Resource Center

Christine Chavez/Yolanda Harris

(719) 502-4782

Pikes Peak Community College has counselors who support students that are undergoing academic, social, family, work, and financial stress. Students will receive an assessment and referrals to both on-campus and/or community resources, as needed. The Student Counseling and Resource Center also provides educational groups for students and trainings for faculty. 

Dean of Student Services

Jennifer Sengenberger

(719) 502-3198

Dean of Student Services assists with the academic-related needs of students who have experienced sexual misconduct.  May provide changes to academic situations and will notify the student as to what changes are reasonably available. Provide information about conduct process, legal and criminal options, and other possible remedies.

Title IX Coordinator

Carlton Brooks

(719) 502-2003

Title IX Coordinator is the employee designated by the college president to oversee all civil rights complaints, including sexual misconduct. Carlton Brooks also acts as the Title VI, Title VII and Equal Opportunity Coordinator.

Public Safety

(719) 502-2911

The Department of Public Safety is located at all campuses. The Department of Public Safety is staffed by 17 state certified peace officers. All PPCC Campus Police officers are commissioned State peace/police officers. They have full police authority and functions the same as any other law enforcement agency in the State of Colorado and on college property.