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Important Notification for Victims of Sexual Assault

If you are a victim of a sexual assault, you may request a medical forensic exam. This is important if you think you want to seek legal action. It is vital that a victim obtains medical treatment as soon as possible and does not bathe, shower, douche, or change clothes until given permission by medical personnel. You can have the exam without having to report the assault to law enforcement. You will not be charged for the cost of the exam.

The College has an agreement with the following provider for the exam:

Memorial Hospital UC Health
1400 East Boulder Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone 719-365-5000

If you do not have transportation to the facility, you may contact a friend or family member, taxi service, public transportation, or PPCC Human Resource Services (during normal business hours at 719-502-2600). Any cost for transportation is the responsibility of the student.

If you have any questions, please contact the following campus staff:

C.R.J. Brooks, Executive Director of Human Resource Services at 719-502-2600
Kim Hennessy, Assistant Director of Human Resource Services at 719-502-2600
Priscilla Rose, Civil Rights/Human Resource Services Investigator at 719-502-2600

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