Pikes Peak Community College offers a wide variety of online classes through PPCC Online and CCCOnline. Hybrid courses offer another alternative with one day a week in class and the rest online.

PPCC Online Learning

The mission of the eLearning Department is to provide instructional resources and support services that enhance teaching and learning strategies. eLearning offers an online orientation for students new to using PPCC Online Campus (D2L) that will equip you with the tools you need to be successful in your courses.

All online and hybrid classes meet the same learning outcomes as traditional courses. Prospective students must be admitted to the college before they can register for classes. New online students may have to take placement tests before enrolling in classes. Testing can be completed at PIkes Peak Community College, and other educational institutions around the country. Go to the National College Testing Association or the PPCC Testing Center for more information.

How do I know which class is an online section?

  • PPCC Online will have an N* (BUS 115-1N1). PPCC Online courses are taught by PPCC faculty.
  • CCCOnline will have a C* (HIS 101-C11). CCCOnline courses are taught by Colorado Community College System faculty from around the state.

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All PPCC students can enroll in the free practice course called "PPCC Student Orienteering" located on the home page of PPCC Online Campus. You will learn to navigate content modules, participate in a discussion, turn in a practice assignment, take a practice quiz and become familiar with how D2L works.

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