Campus Weather Closure

Is the College open or closed?

Pikes Peak Community College stays open at all times unless roads are closed, or in case of an unforeseen emergency. One exception is that our Falcon Campus follows School District 49 and may close or have a late start when all other PPCC campuses are open.

During inclement weather, the decision to close or remain open is usually made by 6:30 a.m.

When the college is closed, there are no activities and there is no access, other than for essential personnel.

Here is how to find out the closure status

  1. Sign up for the PPCC Emergency Notification System, and receive instant updates on closure status via instant message or email.
  2. Log onto and look for a closure message on the home page.
  3. Log onto your portal page at my.ppcc.eduand look for an announcement.
  4. Follow @ppccedu on Twitter for tweeted announcements regarding campus closures.
  5. Log onto This is a web service that lists closures for most of the local schools, colleges, and large organizations. This web site offers an option for entering up to five numbers to receive a text message.
  6. Call the PPCC switchboard at 502-2000 and make the proper voice mail selection for the snow closure recorded line.
  7. Watch for crawlers on the three local TV stations. They're updated every 15-30 minutes. Also, you can check their web sites for closure information.
  8. Listen to various radio stations.

If you rely on media announcements, you should check more than one station to verify that the information is accurate.