Pikes Peak Community College has a distinct brand identity. The logo is one of the primary ways to identify our brand. PPCC departments and divisions receive a standardized configuration using the exact same elements as the college itself. By doing so, we create a consistent look that relates to our overarching brand identity. If all PPCC programs had unique logos, they would systematically weaken our brand.

Why brand integration?

From an internal perspective, this is about pride. We should all be proud to associate ourselves with Pikes Peak Community College. Unless what we're doing gains credibility from NOT associating with the college, then we ask you to adopt a version of the main logo.

That doesn't mean we have to throw away T-shirts, mugs or stationary. But soon the entire college will have the same email signatures and business cards. From a branding perspective, we are converging back to our central brand. We all must be on the same page about who we are.

This makes us stronger, internally and externally. When people see our Pikes Peak Community College logo, we want it to represent the richness of all that we encompass. It would have less meaning without you.

Comments or questions about the brand policy?

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us using the form or call 719-502-2666