Branding 101

Branding can be complicated. But, we're here to help. Marketing has created a simple Brand Guidelines PDF that covers all the basics. The design assets you'll need are available for download below. 

PPCC Color Palette

PPCC’s color palette has evolved over the last several years from red and black to now include a wide array of colors that allow for variety and creativity. They are based on the colors introduced by the interior designer our college hired for campus remodeling projects.

CMYK: 20/100/100/12
RGB: 180/32/37
Hex: #b42025
CMYK: 26/96/88/31
RGB: 141/33/37
Hex: #8d2125

CMYK: 69/43/16/60
RGB: 41/65/90
Hex: #29415a

CMYK: 85/57/49/31
RGB: 42/80/91
Hex: #2a505b

CMYK: 9/9/19/0
RGB: 230/223/204
Hex: #e6dfcc

CMYK: 8/12/33/11
RGB: 210/196/161
Hex: #d2c4a1

CMYK: 34/78/69/29
RGB: 134/66/63
Hex: #86423f

CMYK: 47/36/81/11
RGB: 136/134/78
Hex: #88864e

CMYK: 27/38/50/1
RGB: 188/155/129
Hex: #bc9b81

CMYK: 60/82/74/40
RGB: 86/49/51
Hex: #563133

CMYK: 35/16/73/29
RGB: 131/141/80
Hex: #838d50

CMYK: 36/44/62/8
RGB: 160/132/103
Hex: #a08467

CMYK: 11/57/100/1
RGB: 219/129/39
Hex: #db8127

CMYK: 41/23/74/2
RGB: 158/167/100
Hex: #9ea764

CMYK: 0/0/0/40
RGB: 167/169/172
Hex: #a7a9ac

CMYK: 7/79/100/1
RGB: 224/91/38
Hex: #e05b26

CMYK: 53/32/46/4
RGB: 127/147/136
Hex: #7f9388

CMYK: 0/0/0/60
RGB: 128/130/133
Hex: #808285

CMYK: 59/57/63/38
RGB: 86/78/71
Hex: #564e47

CMYK: 58/37/51/9
RGB: 113/132/121
Hex: #718479

CMYK: 57/46/57/19
RGB: 108/110/99
Hex: #6c6e63

CMYK: 59/32/60/9
RGB: 111/137/113
Hex: #6f8971


The College has chosen one primary font family—Open Sans—to complement the logo. This font offers a wide range of weights and styles. When creating materials for PPCC, please use this font. *

The font Open Sans is not a part of the standard installation on Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows. You can install Open Sans by downloading the ZIP file (instructions included). If you experience issues installing the font, please contact the ITSS department for additional assistance.

Typography Quick Tips

DO practice appropriate word and line spacing

DO NOT use display fonts for body copy. Display font examples include Comic Sans, Papyrus, Curlz, and Brushscript. Body Copy fonts include Open Sans, Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, and Garamond.

DO NOT stretch type, photos or logos. To make them larger, hold down the shift key while pulling out a corner anchor point, and it will size proportionally.

DO NOT use more than three fonts on a given spread

DO NOT use body text below 9pt

DO be aware of readability when placing text over photos, patterns, or colored backgrounds

DO have another person check your work for typos, misspellings and content before printing

*If Open Sans is not available, Calibri or Arial are approved substitutes. The fonts Calibri and Arial are a part of the standard installation on Microsoft Windows.

Layout and Design Quick Tips


DO use a grid.

DO have purposeful hierarchy. Hierarchy is the arrangement and sizing of elements to show importance. It helps the eye move around the page. (e.g. event titles and dates should be more prominent than an event description or location).

DO design for your audience.

DO NOT think of white space as empty space. Well used white space has many beneficial effects for your design. It can help put more focus on a specific aspect of your composition, let your design “breathe,” balance out your elements, or add sophistication to your design.

DO NOT use too many effects (e.g. word art, drop shadows, or bevels).


DO NOT disregard readability/legibility for aesthetic reasons.

DO stay within the PPCC color palette.

DO avoid color clashing. Clashing colors make your design blurry and difficult on the eyes.