Downloads and Resources

The Marketing Team provides guidance on brand standards and downloads and resources for proper use of the logo and brand guidelines. Please feel free to download the latest PPCC logo and replace the previous box logo wherever you may find it.

Our Primary School Colors

Pikes Peak Community College's colors are red and black.


CMYK: 20/100/100/12
RGB: 181/23/44
Hex: #b5172c
Pantone: 1807(U)(C)
CMYK: 26/96/88/31
RGB: 138/33/37
Hex: #882227
Pantone: None


CMYK: 0/0/0/40
RGB: 167/169/172
Hex: #A7A9AB
Pantone: None
CMYK: 0/0/0/60
RGB: 109/111/113
Hex: #6D6F71
Pantone: None


CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 16/16/16
Hex: #231f20
Pantone: None


With the revision of the college logo for Fall 2017, we have also chosen a new font. The goal was to choose a font that represent quality and professionalism while being highly readable.

The College has chosen one primary font family—Open Sans—to complement the logo. This font offers a wide range of weights and styles. When creating materials for PPCC, please use this font. *

The font Open Sans is not a part of the standard installation on Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows. You can install Open Sans by downloading the ZIP file (instructions included). If you experience issues installing the font, please contact the ITSS department for additional assistance.

When using other fonts for any other reason we advise staying away from highly decorative and script fonts. These include fonts like: comic sans, papyrus, curlz, mistral, lucida calligraphy and brush script.

*If Open Sans is not available, Calibri or Arial are approved substitutes. The fonts Calibri and Arial are a part of the standard installation on Microsoft Windows.

Brand Integration at PPCC

We have a distinct brand at PPCC and the logo is one of the primary ways to identify our brand. That is why departments and divisions receive a standardized configuration.

More about Brand Integration

Our Secondary
School Colors

These additional colors compliment the primary colors of the college and allow for added variety and creativity.

They are based on the colors introduced by the interior designer our college hired for campus remodeling projects.

CMYK: 69/43/16/60
RGB: 42/66/89
Hex: #2a4259

CMYK: 85/57/49/31
RGB: 45/80/91
Hex: #2d505b

CMYK: 34/78/69/29
RGB: 132/67/64
Hex: #844340

CMYK: 60/82/74/40
RGB: 85/50/51
Hex: #553233

CMYK: 57/46/57/19
RGB: 108/110/100
Hex: #6c6e64

CMYK: 59/57/63/38
RGB: 86/78/71
Hex: #564e47

CMYK: 47/36/81/11
RGB: 136/134/81
Hex: #888651

CMYK: 35/16/73/29
RGB: 131/141/83
Hex: #838d53

CMYK: 41/23/74/2
RGB: 158/166/103
Hex: #9ea667

CMYK: 58/37/51/9
RGB: 114/132/121
Hex: #728479

CMYK: 53/32/46/4
RGB: 128/146/136
Hex: #809288

CMYK: 59/32/60/9
RGB: 112/137/113
Hex: #708971

CMYK: 9/9/19/0
RGB: 230/223/205
Hex: #e6dfcd

CMYK: 8/12/33/11
RGB: 210/195/162
Hex: #d2c3a2

CMYK: 20/27/47/0
RGB: 205/180/144
Hex: #cdb490

CMYK: 27/38/50/1
RGB: 187/155/131
Hex: #bb9b83

CMYK: 36/44/62/8
RGB: 159/132/105
Hex: #9f8469