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The Pikes Peak Community College Logo (and variations)

The PPCC logo has two variations and three different color schemes. We have provided a variation of each, downloadable in different file formats, .jpg, .png, .eps.

When you should use which file type?

Depending on what you plan to use the logo for will affect which type of file you use. In general, .eps is scalable, it is a very large file size so it is appropriate for things like large banners. .jpg is like a traditional image file that most people are familiar with it has good clarity. The .png filetype can have a transparent background, making it ideal for most web applications. See the table for more examples of ideal uses for each file type.

Please remember to never stretch the logo or add anything into the logo. If you need help with sizing your logo correctly please contact us.

File Type and Use

Example Project .EPS .JPG .PNG
Banners, posters, ads, signs, etc. X    
Water bottles, mugs, pencils, t-shirts, tablecloths, etc. X    
Word documents   X X
Transparent Background X   X
External websites   X X

Arnie the Aardvark


New Arnie Mascot Graphic

Download a .zip file that includes print and web resolutions of this graphic.

Download Arnie


New Arnie Mascot Badge

Download a .zip file that includes print and web resolutions of this badge in different colors.

Download Arnie Badges