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Publicity Request

Do you have a PPCC event or announcement you want us to promote?

Please read these Submission Guidelines before submitting your request on the form below.

  • Your request must be submitted 3-4 weeks prior to the event.
  • Marketing staff will determine how best to promote your event. Services may include:
    • Stall Street Journal (2019-20 deadlines)
    • Internal TV Screens
    • Outside Jumbotrons
    • Website Calendar
    • Community On-line Calendars
    • Press Release (a written announcement sent to local news media)
    • Social Media (Twitter or Facebook post)
  • TV messages will generally play for 1 week only.
  • All fields on the request form must be completed to ensure your event will be posted. The more detail the better!
  • Publicity requests are reserved for PPCC events and activities only. No other organizations, unless in partnership with PPCC, can request publicity.
  • Marketing will provide a confirmation within 2-3 days of receipt of your completed Publicity Request.
  • Marketing does not design and produce posters and flyers. The Copy Center does. But, we do provide downloadable flyer templates on the marketing website and are happy to proofread and edit them. Just email it to
  • If you have a PHOTO, LOGO or ARTWORK, please attach a jpeg, 96 dpi or greater.

Please contact Karen Kovaly at 502-2082 or with questions or updates/changes to your event.

Publicity Request Form