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Active Duty Army & Air Force

First time users must attend a Tuition Assistance Briefing at their respective Education Center to activate their benefits.

Active Duty Army

  1. Attend "College 101" briefing online. Mandatory for first time TA users. Access online version here. 
  2. Register for classes through your student portal at PPCC and print out your class schedule for reference.
  3. Log into GoArmyEd and select "Request TA".  Watch GoArmyEd demo video.
  4. Search for your classes by: subject (i.e. ENG), catalog number (i.e. 121), and section number (i.e. 151).
  5. TA will only cover the tuition portion of the class. Any course or student fees will show as "Soldier Funded".
  6. TA requests must be completed prior to the start of term. TA requests for classes numbered below 100 (i.e. MAT050) will require an Army Education Counselor override.
  7. Verify you have an approved TA request showing tuition as "Army Funded" for each requested class. There may be a system delay in between requests.

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Active Duty Air Force

  1. Attend a virtual Tuition Assistance Briefing. Schedule your virtual Tuition Assistance Briefing today.
  2. Register for classes through your student portal at PPCC.
  3. Log into your AIPortal with a printed copy of your PPCC class schedule and the tuition costs (no fee information needed).
  4. Select your classes through the catalog and then enter tuition information.
  5. Submit for approval no sooner than 45 days and no later than seven (7) days prior to start of class term.
  6. Your TA request, once approved, will digitally route to PPCC Financial Services.

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National Guard

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