Active Duty or Veteran?

Select the links below to get started using your Military or Veteran Education Benefits. Note that Active Duty Army and Air Force Must attend a Tuition Assistance Briefing at their respective Education Centers to activate their benefits.

Using your GI Bill Benefits

Qualified veterans can use your GI Bill Education Benefits at PPCC.

Get started by applying to PPCC.

Chapter 30, 33/TEB, 35, 1606, or 1607 visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs and fill out a VonApp.

Chapter 31 -- Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits go to Apply for CH 31 Voc Rehab.

VA Educations Benefit Chapters and Required VA - Forms

  • Chapter 30-Montgomery; 33-Post 9/11; 1606; or 1607 should fill out the VA Form 22-1990.
  • Chapter 33 Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) should fill out VA Form 22-1990E, after you have received Department of Defense approval.
  • To transfer Chapter 30, 33, 33 TEB, 1606 or 1607 from your previous institution to PPCC use the VA Form 22-1995.
  • To apply for Chapter 35 Benefits please fill out VA Form 22-5490.
  • Transferring Chapter 35 Benefits use VA Form 22-5495.

Required Supporting Documentation

All Chapters need to submit a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the PPCC VA Office. Once you have completed course enrollment you must complete and electronically submit an enrollment Certification Form to PPCC.

  • Chapter 30 and 33: Confirmation page of completed VA Form 22-1990/1995; Certification Request Form .
  • Chapter 33 TEB: Confirmation page of completed VA Form 22-1990E/1995; Certification Request Form.
  • Chapter 35: Confirmation page of completed VA form 22-5490; Certification Request Form.
  • Chapter 1606: Confirmation page of completed VA form 22-1990/1995

Active Duty Army: Request Tuition Assistance (TA) using GoArmyEd.

  1. Attend "College 101" briefing at the Fort Carson Education Center for first time TA users (mandatory).
  2. Register for classes through your PPCC student portal and print out your class schedule for reference.
  3. Log into GoArmyEd and select "Request TA."
  4. Search for your classes by: Subject (i.e. ENG), Catalog Number (i.e. 121), and section number (i.e. ENG 121 151)
  5. TA will only cover the tuition portion of the class. Any course or student fees will show as "Soldier Funded".
  6. TA requests must be completed prior to the start of term. TA requests for classes numbered below 100 (i.e. MAT 055) will require an Army Education Counselor override.
  7. Verify you have an approved TA request showing tuition as "Army Funded" for each requested class. There may be a system delay in between requests.

For assistance with requesting TA through GoArmyEd contact Military & Veterans Programs at Fort Carson at (719-502-4200, or stop by Bldg. 1117, room 118 in the Fort Carson Education Center. Contact MVP or Army Education Counselors prior to withdrawing from a class to discuss options.

Active Duty Air Force: Request Tuition Assistance (TA) using the AIPortal.

  1. Attend Tuition Assistance Briefing at the Peterson Air Force Base Education Center for first time TA users.
  2. Register for classes through your student portal at PPCC.
  3. Log into your AIPortal with a printed copy of your PPCC class schedule and the tuition costs (no fee information needed).
  4. Select your classes through the catalog and then enter tuition information.
  5. Submit for approval no later than seven days out prior to start of class.
  6. Your TA request, once approved will digitally route to PPCC Financial Services.

Active Duty Navy

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Active Duty Marines

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Colorado National Guard

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If you have questions please meet with an advisor or contact us.

Contact us by Phone

719.502.4100 (GI BILL) 719.502.4200 (Army TA) 719.502.4300 (Air Force, Navy, or Marine TA)