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Are you considering using your VA education benefits or Tuition Assistance to pay for a college prep course (below the 100 course level)?

Pikes Peak Community College has confirmed with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense that a placement test is required in order to justify taking a college prep math or English course. No other form of justification is acceptable. VA and TA will not pay for these courses without a placement test score on file. ​What does this mean for you?

​You must take EdReady or the Accuplacer test (currently available at Rampart Range Campus - make an appointment) to determine if you need to take a college prep course for math or English. An EdReady score below 90 can be used to justify your enrollment in a college prep course.

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Pikes Peak Community College supports your success by providing a wealth of resources to help you grow and succeed as a student. There are also many offerings to help inside and outside of the classroom. Student Services helps you manage the many demands and challenges students face in life and at college. 

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