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All students using VA Education Benefits for the first time at PPCC are required to attend a VA Education Benefits Briefing.

We know that starting college and also navigating the VA education benefits process can be stressful and sometimes frustrating. In order to help alleviate this, we have developed a briefing for all military-connected students (veterans, reservists, spouses and dependents).

This is an opportunity to provide you with valuable information regarding the support services PPCC provides and help guide you through the transition to college student.

Topics covered in our briefing include:

  • PPCC requirements

  • VA education benefits process

  • Key resources, on and off campus, to help you succeed


There are three ways you can view our VA Education Benefits Briefing:

(1) Live Briefing: Attend a live briefing in which you can get the benefit of seeing/hearing the information first hand and then get a chance to ask questions direct to our certifying officials.

Upcoming Live Events:  We are in the process of revising our Live Benefits Briefings events.   Our anticipated return of Live Briefings is:

  • Sept 2021.  Time/location details to be provided prior to event.

In the meantime, please choose from either option 2 or 3 below, and remember to take the ASSESSMENT to receive credit for completing the briefing requirement.

(2) Pre-Recorded Video: Go to the section below (the gray box) for the saved YouTube video and then follow the instructions/steps to view the video, submit the assessment and download a copy of other resources available to you. 


(3) View the briefing presentation (Link below)

The VA Education Benefits Briefing is now available on YouTube!

Missed the our live VA Education Benefits Briefing?  For your convenience, select a view option from step 1.) , then complete the assessment in step 2:

  1. Watch the video until the end, or view the briefing presentation
  2. Submit the assessment. Save a copy of the confirmation page for your records. If you don't see the confirmation page, resubmit the assessment.
  3. View our resource packet with information about school resources.

You are required to submit the assessment in order for our office to log your attendance. If you have any questions, please email or call 719.502.4100.

Watch the Video Submit the Assessment