Need Help?

To help assist your needs, we have prepared a community resource listing.

Peak Military Care Network: Advocacy, Behavioral Health, Crisis Intervention & First Responders, Domestic Violence, Education, Medical/Physical Health, Social Services & Child Welfare (Emergency Financial Assistance, Housing Assistance), Substance Abuse/Poly-pharmacy, Transitional/Reintegration, Workforce Readiness/Employment.

Peak Military Care Network Database: A vast listing of agencies that provide assistance with many different subjects.

Mount Carmel Center of Excellence: Veterans reintegration services, employment readiness, individual and group counseling, wellness programs and other events.

Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention

PrepConnect: 5-Day Advanced Job Seekers Workshop for Veterans, Active Duty, Guard/Reserve, and Military Spouses.

Public Health: Financial Aid Guide for Service members, Veterans and their families.

Military Spouse Career Coalition: Provides local, state, and national career resources to military spouses.

Spouse Licensure / Certificate Reimbursement Program

Military spouses who move with their sponsor for a PCS assignment are now eligible to receive reimbursement for expenses they pay to be re-licensed/re-certified at their new location. Reimbursement is limited to $500 per move. The program is available every time the spouse accompanies their sponsor on a PCS move. The PCS must between states. A PCS to or from an overseas assignment is not eligible.

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