Executive Summary

In 2003, Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) published its first strategic plan for the period 2003-2007.  In April 2011, the College began developing a new plan to coincide with hiring a new president and the development of new academic and facilities master plans. This new plan is closely aligned with the Colorado Community College System Strategic Plan, which governs PPCC and 12 other Colorado community colleges.

This planning revision for the College represents an important milestone.  In the last five years, community colleges across the nation have grown exponentially, and student enrollment growth at PPCC was no exception. Additional changes in the region’s economic environment, including the recent recession, have resulted in a renewed focus on economic development, including retention of the region’s highly skilled workforce and the development of new skilled workers.  These changes represent new opportunities and new challenges for PPCC. 

The 2012 plan was developed by the PPCC Strategic Planning Task Force, comprised of members of the College’s Leadership Council, supplemented by College employees with specific expertise. The Task Force reviewed the current mission and vision for the College, completed an environmental assessment by reviewing internal and external data and conducting stakeholder surveys. Once the environmental assessment was complete, the Task Force drafted strategic goals and major objectives; then, units across the College developed their ideas for possible tactics and measurements.  In addition, the Task Force drafted a values statement and rewrote the PPCC Vision.

The process of refining tactics will continue as the new plan is reviewed and as implementation priorities and budgets are set. Outcomes measurements will be developed and progress reports will be disseminated regularly basis. It is anticipated that the plan will be reviewed annually, to make adjustments based on new information, mandates, or opportunities. 


Students succeed at PPCC. 


Our mission is to provide high quality, educational opportunities accessible to all, with a focus on student success and community needs, including:

  • occupational programs for youth and adults in career and technical fields,
  • two-year transfer educational programs to qualify students for admission to the junior year at other colleges and universities, and
  • a broad range of personal, career, and technical education for adults. 


We value a community built on learning, mutual respect, and diversity.

We Demonstrate These Values in the Following Ways:

  • Teaching and Learning:  Our primary commitment is to student learning, success, and achievement, while promoting open and universal access to an affordable education and affirming the importance of our facilities and learning environments.
  • Mutual Respect and Accountability:  Because people are our greatest resource, we foster a culture rooted in civility, mutual trust, and support, and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions.
  • Community and Diversity:  We engage and support our community while embracing diversity, as it enriches lives and educational experiences.

Goals and Objectives

Expand and Strengthen Opportunities for Students to Learn and Succeed.

  • Develop and implement a plan to strengthen student learning.
  • Increase academic and student support to meet growing demand.
  • Advance assessment of academic and supportive services programs and student learning. 

Exercise Regional Leadership Through Transformative Partnerships and Educational Opportunities.          

  • Increase internship opportunities through business partnerships. 
  • Establish support for community and continuing education.  
  • Strategically increase PPCC involvement in community organizations.
  • Increase fundraising by identifying and connecting with community supporters. 

Improve Institutional Effectiveness by Integrating Data to Drive Budgeting and Decision Making.

  • Evaluate and enhance the current advising system.  
  • Support and sustain an environment of evaluation to assure student workforce preparedness and/or transfer to four-year institutions.
  • Develop a transparent budgeting process based on accessibility, student success, and operational excellence.
  • Evaluate and develop systems for improving customer service across all areas of the College.
  • Effectively use physical resources to meet the needs of student learning, student services, and College operations.
  • Write grants to support innovative, research-based approaches and concepts.

Enhance and Ensure Effective, Consistent Communication to and From all PPCC Stakeholders.

  • Create communication norms and values.
  • Develop the PPCC story.
  • Create audience-centric communication plans (with employees being the priority audience).
  • Implement plans and annually measure progress.

Develop and Implement a Plan to Retain and Recruit a Highly Engaged and Diverse Workforce.

  • Identify, recruit and increase the number of underrepresented employee populations.
  • Create programs that increase the level of employee retention and engagement.
  • Support divisions, departments, and offices with information for planning and decision-making in regards to workforce development.  

Develop, Cultivate and Sustain a Supportive Culture Based on Mutual Respect and Civility.

  • Provide training opportunities and conduct campus community dialogs so that all employees have a fundamental understanding of the purpose and benefit of maintaining a civil culture at work.
  • Foster a culture where all employees are equally valued for their contribution to PPCC and student success. 

Objectives and Tactics Document