Focus Goals consist of several steps that are meant to help us implement the long-term Strategic Plan.

The Focus Goal Process

Strategic Plans can look overwhelming. Our Destination 2022, for instance, prescribes five over-arching goals, each supported by a host of tactics and action steps. In order to make progress, the leadership staff holds an annual retreat to identify the next year's areas of emphasis called focus goals.

2019/2020 Focus Goals

•Develop a national best-practice Military PLA website and service

•First-year Experience and Meta-Majors – Improved academic wayfinding for students, advising, and AAA101 implementation along with continued progress on Co-requisite Math and English

•Experiential Learning through work: Apprenticeships, Internships, Employment Assistance

•Closing the achievement gap for male students of color

2018/2019 Focus Goals

Diversity - Our primary goal this year is to improve diversity in hiring.  This goal aligns perfectly with Goal 5 from our Destination 2022 Strategic Plan that we adopted in 2017.  Goal 5 states: Better serve a diverse current and prospective student population.  The first objective listed beneath Strategic Goal 5 is to “Hire and retain a diverse workforce that represents our community”.   We continue to see at PPCC, as at most institutions (but not all) achievement gaps between students of color, especially males and other students. We believe our college has a duty to address this issue and find solutions.  We have multiple efforts happening including math faculty engaged with the University of Southern California Center for Urban Education (CUE) project addressing equity of experience in the classroom, coaches focusing on developing and supporting cohorts of male students of color, and cultural competence training. Hiring a more diverse faculty is a critical component.  Our students need to see role models leading their classrooms.

HIPS - Our second goal of implementing High Impact Practices (HIPS) is and has been happening already.  We are making tremendous progress that is evident in our CCSSE (Community College Student Survey of Engagement) results, a national benchmarked assessment.  We significantly outperform peer institutions in the category of Active and Collaborative Learning.  Inclusion of HIPS into our Focus Goals is primarily for transparency, and is admittedly belated.  This effort continues to making great progress for PPCC students and aligns with Strategic Goal 2 from our Destination 2022 Strategic Plan: Assure that students set and achieve their academic and career goals.  Objective 3 states “Ensure excellence in teaching and learning.”

DevEd and 1st Year Experience Redesign – Across Colorado and the nation, community colleges are aggressively innovating and exploring ways to increase success especially for developmental education students.  Some colleges including the Community College of Denver are eliminating developmental education and replacing it with co-requisite support classes.  They are funneling all incoming students into college level math and English with math class selection based on the student’s degree objective. They are simultaneously enrolling students into intensive support co-requisite classes.  We are running a modified version of this with English and will begin piloting some work with co-requisite math classes in Spring 2019.  Changing our developmental education model could also impact our enormously successful AAA109 student success classes. 

PPCC Website Redesign – This goal aligns with Destination 2022 Goal 3: Deliberately drive enrollment to ensure a strong future for PPCC.  Our website is first and foremost a tool for prospective students.  Although it serves other constituents and purposes, we seek to keep prospective students as our number one priority for the website.  In order to help prospective students navigate their options at PPCC we really need to standardize and update all academic program sites.  This will effort will support recruiting and help more people find excitement in the broad array of programs we offer.  Both prospective and current students will benefit from improved search functions both internally to our site and external (Google) search functions.

Focus Goal 1

We seek to improve the diversity of our candidate pools, increase valuation of diversity in the hiring process, and hire more diverse faculty who reflect the students we serve.

Focus Goal 2

High Impact Practices (HIPS)
This goal is focused on bringing High Impact Practices deeply into the culture of PPCC. Specifically, we want every PPCC student exposed to multiple high impact practices.

Focus Goal 3

DevEd and 1st Year Experience Redesign
This goal seeks to continue improvements in PPCC developmental education delivery including especially a proposal to implement a Co-Requisite model that fits PPCC.

Focus Goal 4

PPCC Website Redesign
This goal focuses on updating our website homepage, improving and standardizing academic program pages, improving intra-PPCC website search functions, and external (Google) search functions for bringing PPCC to the top of searches from potential students.

2017/2018 Focus Goal

Target: Improve Fall-to-Fall Retention to 55%

Six years ago our Fall-to-Fall retention rates stood under 47% and we were among the lowest performers in our state system. Today we can take great pride in our collective team effort that’s taken us to over 53% Fall-to-Fall retention. Our goal is to become among the best performing community college in the nation by achieving 55% or more. Our goal isn’t to be the best at retention for bragging rights or publicity, but rather because every percentage point equals hundreds of individual students who stay in school and achieve their dreams. Every person who is part of PPCC has a role in helping our students succeed – Every Person! We get the privilege of being part of the noble endeavor of changing people’s lives. It is a privilege, and we therefore want to do it as well as it can possibly be done.

To achieve the 55% we are taking on the four Focus Goals detailed below. We believe these goals in conjunction with many other ongoing efforts such as High Impact Learning Practices, CETL Professional Development, and the operations of our new Learning Commons can help us together to achieve extraordinary success on behalf of our students.

RESULTS: Target achieved in fall of 2018 with a retention rate of 55.5%


Focus Goal 1

Ensure every student has a clear semester-by-semester plan taking them from their first semester with us to attainment of their education goal.

Focus Goal 2

Use data to identify the most impactful practices all faculty and instructors can implement to retain students.

Focus Goal 3

Align PPCC Math Pathways with state requirements. This group will focus on ensuring that all degree majors offer advising consistent with required math courses for transfer or CTE degree completion. 

Focus Goal 4

Create a sense of belonging with our stakeholders (staff and students) at Pikes Peak Community College. Use data that pertains directly to the goal from CCSSEE and SENSE.