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Coronavirus Response Frequently Asked Questions

Are all PPCC campuses open?

Yes, but the Downtown Studio Campus may have limited support services available.

Are you eligible for a vaccine?

As of April 2, all Coloradans 16 and older are eligible. You can find more info here.

Are study abroad programs canceled?

Plans for 2021 study abroad have not yet been formulated.

How are PPCC employees be affected?

Some employees have been working remotely, others work on campus, and most do both. 

Will work studies be able to continue if their classes cancel?

Yes. The college can continue to pay work-study funds (up to the amount of their work-study award) if students have had class(es) canceled through no fault of their own. If they withdraw from classes and it puts them below 6 credits, then the college can no longer pay them work-study funds.

How can staff and faculty find out more about how the virus and college changes will affect them?

PPCC’s Leadership is committed to providing employees with important information.  The latest FAQ for employees is available at

What kind of technology will be required to participate in distance learning?

Online classes will be accessed through D2L.  

What if your class has transitioned to online, and you have a problem with online courses?

We know many student are concerned about the transition, and we strongly urge students with concerns to reach out to your professors.  Also, know that you can take advantage of our remote support services to help you get through this transition.

If you are doing the same level of work now than you've done prior to the stay-at-home order, there's a good chance you'll complete your class just fine. If you feel that you can't make it through, work with your instructor to see if they might qualify for a grade of “Incomplete,” which will allow you to complete the course later rather than retake the whole course.  Grades of “Incomplete” are issued at the faculty member’s discretion.

What about concurrent high school students?

Students who attended PPCC courses on college or high school campuses have been subject to the same shift to online as other PPCC students.  Students who take PPCC career-technical courses should connect with their PPCC instructor to understand course adjustments.

Are campus events canceled?

Most campus events are virtual.  See the Stall Street Journal for details.

Are admission open houses and on-campus tours canceled?

Yes. For the time being. But please check our www.facebook/PPCCedu for details about virtual info sessions.

Are we discouraging in-person meetings?

Yes. Conference calls, video or audio, should be standard at this point.

What do you do if you have symptoms, plan to be tested or have been tested?

Please go home if you're experiencing any symptoms and fill out this form. Also, fill out that form if you know somebody else in the campus community who has symptoms.

Has there been an increase in disinfectant efforts by the cleaning staff on campus?

Yes. Our facilities team has stepped up cleaning protocols, especially on light switches, doorknobs, water fountains, and handrails, using disinfectant cleaner that can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus. They've also installed plexiglas in areas with the heaviest student/staff engagement.

Is it possible that portions of campus might close due to Covid-19?

That is possible. Closures of parts of a campus would happen at the request of health department officials. We have a strong relationship with our Health Department and in touch with them at least weekly. We are a large college with multiple campuses and many building. The Health Department will work with us on a case-by-case basis if we have positive cases on campus. They will help us determine the right course of action. 

What about mental health issues?

This crisis, and the accompanying stress, has caused many mental health issues. The PPCC counseling center remains open. The CDC offers these tips for dealing with the stress and anxiety.

What can you do to help?

Practice social distancing. Wear face coverings when on campus and not eating or drinking in lounges. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer. Stay home if you are sick. If you think you might have Covid-19 symptoms, fill out this form.