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(719) 502-2800

Centennial Campus | Room B229 ~ Downtown Studio | Room N103 ~ Rampart Range | Room N111

Administrative functions ONLY available at Centennial Campus ~ Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

NOTE: Facilities personnel is staffed from 6am to 10pm *subject to change*

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In The Spotlight

Did you know that it only takes one teaspoon of salt to pollute five gallons of freshwater? Or that de-icers have a minimum temperature at which they are effective? Using the wrong product will result in wasted product/money as well as pollution of local waterways. Follow these tips to avoid salting our waterways:

  • Shovel as soon as possible. During heavy storms, consider removing snow halfway through the event to keep up with the snow.
  • Remove as much snow as possible before using a deicing product.
  • Most deicing products work best at temperatures above 15F
  • Avoid over application. It only takes 3/4 of a coffee mug to treat a parking space.
  • Sweep up any sand that was used as traction, and reuse it.

El Paso County snow & Ice Control Plan is also available for further information as well as Colorado Department of Transportion providing additional information regarding road conditions, snow removal and winter road treatments.

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We are here to support you!

Mission Statement

The Facilities & Operations team supports PPCC’s mission through the provision and stewardship of safe, clean, efficient, effective and well-maintained facilities, and grounds. Facilities & Operations team also provides a proactive, professionally-managed leadership approach to procurement and contracts, with architectural and construction service professionals, that support PPCC’s mission and fosters partnerships with our local community.

Vision Statement

We are dedicated to student success and to making a positive impact in the lives of our employees, and personnel, throughout the PPCC community.

Core Values

Resolute: Purposeful, Determined, Unwavering
Objective: Intentional, unbiased
Committed: Loyal to the mission
Knowledge: Practical, Understanding

Meet our Staff

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* Work Requests should be submitted, by faculty and staff, to request work done in their department or on Campus *

When you submit a WO, SchoolDude automatically generates email notifications to update you of: work order number, assignment to trade technician, labor updates and more. If our tech needs more information, they'll be able to contact you directly. More information regarding how requests are created, and routed, available in the Work Order Flow Chart.

We take great pride in our quality of service but, with several campuses, we need your help to be our eyes and ears - and report any issue that needs attention.


Submit a Work Order Request How to Submit a Work Order (Tutorial)


Updated information, on ongoing projects, at Pikes Peak Community College

Construction Updates

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Meet the Managers

(From Left to Right)
Roland Scobee - Operations Maintenance Manager
Nancy Martinez - Resource & Finance Manager
Clint Garcia - Director Facilities & Capital Projects
VACANT - Manager Capital Projects