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This page contains information regarding the Environment 


It all ends up downstream...

Do your part to keep our water clean!


Small concentrations of detergents (that make their way into our streams) can kill fish and their eggs. The chemicals can also inhibit their reproductive system further limiting our natural resources.  


Scoop the Poop

Throw Pet Waste in the trash and not down strorm water drains. Organic matter and nutrients contained in pet waste can degrade water quality. The decay of pet waste in our water systems uses up dissolved oxygen and releases ammonia in addition to posing risk of diseases such as: Salmonellosis, Campylobacteriosis, and Toxocarisis. 


  • Always clean up after your pet, and dispose of the waste in the trash, in a sealed or tied compostable bag
  • Avoid letting your dog do his business within 200 feet of a body of water


  • Don't dispose of pet waste in a catch basin, storm drain, or on the street 
  • Don't use pet waste as fertilizer
  • Don't add pet waste to a compost pile

Pikes Peak Community College provides pet waste posts at each campus for service dogs. 

Centennial Campus

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Visit City of Colorado Springs website for additional information. 


Car Washing

Use commercial car wash facilities where wash water is treated and cleaned before it is returned to our streams. If you do wash your car at home:

  • wash it on gravel, grass, or other permeable surfaces
  • use plain water with a coarse sponge or biodegradable soaps
  • use a trigger nozzle on your hose or a bucket to conserve water

Oil and Other Automotive Fluids


What is Storm Water and Why should you care?

Stormwater is rain or snow that falls into impervious surfaces such as: parking lots, driveways, rooftops, etc. and leaves the property via curb or gutter. This precipitation, including excessive water from over watering lawns, enters out local water streams through stormwater drains.

Stormwater is not hazardous, however when it crosses paths with chemicals, pesticides, automotive solutions, landscaping waste, etc. it transports these products directly to our stormwater drains and discharges into out streams.

Polluted stormwater discharged into our stormwater drains flow directly into water streams like Monument and Fountain Creek without going through any type of filtering or treatment system. This polluted water can destroy our fish, wildlife and aquatic life habitats and threaten public health with contaminated food, drinking water supplies and recreational waterways.

Storm Water Management

Generated Waste Flow Chart