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Notice Regarding Spring 2021 Classes

PPCC is prepared to meet your individual needs this spring with five types of instruction. View our Spring 2021 Plans webpage for registration information and to learn more about your options.

  • Live Remote Classes: These classes meet online with a live remote (online in real time) component. The live remote component of the class will be scheduled for 25% or more of the time spent in the course. Students should plan to be online in the ‘virtual’ classroom during the designated days/times the class is scheduled to meet.
  • Hyflex Classes: The course meets on a designated campus/room (in-person). Students may opt to attend the course on-campus, AND/OR via a remote synchronous (instruction delivered in real time online) platform OR online only.
  • Online: The course meets online with no expectation for on-campus (in-person) meetings. Portions of the course may include optional remote (online in real time) instruction.
  • On-Campus: The course meets on designated days/times on-campus (in-person).
  • Hybrid Classes: The course meets both online (for a percentage of the class time) and on-campus (in person) on designated days/times (for a percentage of the class time) as defined by the instructor.