Degree Type: Associate of Arts Degree, AA

Pathway: Public Service & Social Sciences

More Options: Classroom Based, Remote Real-Time, Hyflex, Online, Hybrid

Program Length: 4 Semesters

Location: Centennial, Rampart Range

Transferability: Transferable

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Why choose Sociology at PPCC

In studying Sociology at PPCC, you'll learn about society - its development, structure, and functions. That knowledge (and your degree) can be used to pursue a wide range of careers in public, private, government, and non-profit sectors. Many graduates pursue jobs as a case worker for the elderly or disabled, youth counselor, community outreach worker or court advocate. Advance degrees can lead to careers in academia, political science and research, among others.

Become an Expert

Sociology embraces research and statistics, a priceless skill in the current environment of social media and big data. More and more industries are moving toward data driven decisions and with sociology you can be a data expert.

What do PPCC Sociology students study?

Sociology strives to understand society with theories and ideas driven from research. Pursuing a sociology degree will allow you to:

  • Uncover a deeper understanding of society
  • Develop an understanding of cultures and theories
  • Examine the influence of values, roles, norms and social stratification on everyday life.

Sociology examines culture and society from many different angles. As a result it will change the way students think about society and expand students ability to think critically.

Career Options

Students pursuing degrees at the bachelor and graduate levels may work as sociologists or pursue careers in a wide range of fields in which sociologists use their skill sets to excel, such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Community Development and Advocacy
  • Education
  • Social Services

Degrees in sociology open a diverse array of career opportunities. 

Sociology Classes You Might Take

PPCC offers a variety of classes in sociology. Check out a few of the classes you may take. 

This course examines the basic concepts, theories, and principles of sociology, including topics of culture, race, class, gender, sexuality, social groups, and deviance through a local and global lens. Analyzes and interprets socio-historic as well as contemporary issues by using critical thinking skills and linking individual experiences to social structures.


Offers a critical exploration of marriage, family and kinship. It examines the family as an institution and how social, cultural and personal factors influence family relations locally and globally. Explores the stability and evolution of the family, along with current trends and a range of family forms.


Critically examines various deviant categories and societal reactions to deviance affecting diverse populations. Examines how sociologists study deviance and the theories they use to explain it. Explains the ways social institutions define deviance and attempt to control, change, or treat those deviant behaviors, attitudes, and conditions.

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Voices of PPCC

Holly Eickstedt

Voices of PPCC

PPCC highly prepared me for a four-year school, better than I could have imagined.

Holly Eickstedt
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Sociology, AA and AS Degree with Designation

Upon completion of the Sociology degree program, you should be able to:

  • Identify and explain the three main theoretical perspectives of sociology
  • Apply theoretical perspectives to explain stratification in society
  • Communicate effectively sociological content in a written format
  • Use the tools of sociology to analyze social realities
  • Provide credible sources and citations to support sociological analysis
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