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College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The College Opportunity Fund is a tuition discount provided by the state of Colorado to students who meet the qualifications to receive in-state tuition rates and have lawful presence in the United States.

Active duty military, veterans and dependents (even if you are non-resident), DACA, ASSET and students on select visas are all COF eligible. Please email for details. Further documentation from you is likely necessary.

There are no income qualifications for COF, you do not have to pay it back and it is not associated with financial aid.

Questions should be directed to

COF closes the day after the final day of each semester. If that day is a weekend or holiday, then it will close the business day prior. If you have missed this deadline, please note that COF might not be available. Contact more information. 

IMPORTANT:  If you are a high school student or receive military or VA benefits, be aware that these programs will only pay up to what COF will cover because they expect students to use COF.  If you choose not to use COF, you will be responsible for the amount that COF would normally cover.

How COF Works:

STEP 1:  Create a COF account

Create a COF account. You only have to create an account once.  To verify your COF account status, please email

STEP 2:  Authorize your COF

Authorize COF each semester via your student portal.  If your student portal says “No Changes Made” that means you have already completed this and you are trying to make the same choice. To verify your COF authorization status, please email

STEP 3:  Watch for COF to apply to your student bill

You will be able to see COF affect your balance in your student portal with your other charges and payments.  If you don’t see COF apply within 5 business days of completing both of the above steps or you have any other COF questions, please email

COF Hour Limit:

COF will discount 145 undergraduate credit hours per student, per lifetime. If you do not see your COF apply to your bill and you have been in school for a couple of years, consider that you may have run out of COF hours. The following may be options for you to extend your 145 hour COF credit limit. Email for questions.  

Institutional Waiver:  PPCC may grant a one-time extension for 30 extra COF hours to be used within 3 consecutive semesters (ex: summer, fall, spring).  To request this extension, please complete an Institutional COF Waiver

Post Baccalaureate COF Waiver:  A one-time 30 COF hour extension is available to those who have a bachelor’s degree.  Please email for details.

CCHE Waiver:  If you have already completed a one-time Institutional and/or Post Baccalaureate COF Waiver, require more than 30 extra COF hours, or you will not be using your hours in consecutive semesters, please complete the Colorado Commission on Higher Education COF Waiver.

COF Appeal:

If circumstances beyond your control prevented you from receiving COF for a PAST semester(s), you may file a COF appeal. If you have questions about the current semester or any other COF questions, please email

You have 1 semester year from the semester(s) in question to appeal COF. Once submitted, please allow at least 1 week for an emailed response.

We try our best to email students throughout the semester regarding COF. Check your student and personal email accounts. If you were notified about COF at least twice in one semester and you did not face extraordinary circumstances during that semester that prevented you from responding accordingly, your appeal will not be considered.