College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The College Opportunity Fund is a tuition contribution provided by the State of Colorado to students who meet the qualifications to receive in-state tuition rates.    For the 2018-2019 academic year, COF is set to contribute $85 per credit hour for up to 145 lifetime hours.   

There are no income qualifications for COF and it is not associated with financial aid.   

COF closes for the following dates unless it’s a weekend or holiday, then it will close the business day prior:

Fall:  January 31

Spring:  May 31

Summer:  September 15

If you do not inquire about your COF or respond to inquiries about your COF by these dates, you must complete a COF appeal.  This appeal will go to a committee for a final decision.

IMPORTANT:  If you are a high school student or receive military or VA benefits, be aware that these programs will only pay up to what COF will cover because they expect students use COF.  If you choose not to use COF, you will be responsible for the amount that COF would normally cover.

How COF Works:

STEP 1:  Create a COF account

Option 1: Create a COF account. You only have to create an account once.  This website is also where you may log in to check whether you have previously created a COF account and how many COF hours you have used.

Option 2: You may complete the College Opportunity Fund Form on the right side of this page.  This gives PPCC consent to apply for and authorize COF on your behalf.

STEP 2:  Authorize your COF

Your COF will not apply without your authorization.  Authorize your COF each semester on the right hand side of this page OR via your student portal.  If your student portal says “No Changes Made” that means you have already decided to accept or decline your COF and you are trying to make the same choice.  No further action is needed unless you need to change your choice.

If you select “Lifetime Authorization”, COF will automatically authorize itself each semester until you reach your 145 hour lifetime limit.

STEP 3:  Watch for COF to apply in your student portal

You will be able to see COF affect your balance in your student portal with your other student charges and payments.  If you don’t see COF apply within 5 business days of completing both of the above steps or you have any other COF questions, please contact or call Records at 719-502-3000.

COF Hour Limit:

While you are not limited in the amount of COF hours used per semester, you are limited in the amount of total hours used over the lifetime of your higher education career.  The state grants 145 lifetime hours per student.  

PPCC is authorized to grant up to 30 extra COF hours to be used within 3 consecutive semesters (ex:  summer, fall, spring OR spring, summer, fall OR fall, spring, summer).  To request this extension, please complete an Institutional COF Waiver.  Carefully read all instructions. Please include justification for your request or your waiver will be returned to you for completion.  

If you require more than 30 extra COF hours or you will not be using your hours in consecutive semesters, please complete the Colorado Department of Higher Education COF Waiver  Carefully read all instructions and include justification for your request.

COF Appeal:

If you feel as though circumstances beyond your control prevented you from receiving COF for a semester at PPCC, including a past semester, you may complete a COF appeal. Carefully read all instructions. Please include justification for your request or your appeal will be returned to you for completion.

College Opportunity Fund Form

Please complete this form to authorize and/or sign up for COF.