Colorado Residency Procedures

Initial Residency Classification

Initial residency classification is based on the answers a student provides to the residency questions on the admission application.

Correction of Initial Residency Classification

The correction of initial residency classification procedure is for students who were classified as a non-resident based on their admissions application to PPCC and are correcting mistakes from their application or are submitting additional clarifying information to change the initial residency classification.

Requested information for correcting initial residency classification may include (but is not limited to) submitting the following:

  • Statement of Colorado Residency form and/or documents to gather new information not collected on the application or to correct a mistake made on the admissions application
  • Proof of emancipation for tuition classification purposes for incoming students under age 23
  • Veteran or Dependent Waiver form
  • Copy of the military ID for active duty military or dependents of active duty military

Petition to Change Tuition Classification

The petition to change tuition classification (i.e. Residency Petition) is for students who have been attending PPCC as a non-resident for one or more semesters, believe that their residency classification has changed (i.e. they now meet the statutory requirements for receiving in-state tuition rates), and now wish to prove eligibility for in-state classification.

Residency Appeal

Any student who is denied in-state tuition classification by the institution may appeal the decision. Each institution has a process to appeal the decision of the Tuition Classification Officer. The individual is notified of the decision made by the appeals panel and reasons why the petition was approved or denied. The decision of the appeals panel is final and will not be overturned by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CCCS SP 4-40).

Residency Forms

Residency Petition

Use this form if you have attended PPCC in a prior term as a non-resident and you believe you may now meet residency requirements. If this form doesn't load the first time you try, please refresh the page and try again or try another browser.  

You may also use this form if you are under 23 and have not attended PPCC but you are seeking emancipation from your parents for tuition classification purposes. To qualify as emancipated, students must be able to demonstrate financial independence without support from parents or others. Students will be required to provide documents showing financial independence, such as proof of income and a list detailing living expenses. If you are independently supporting yourself, please complete this petition for our review. Please download the Parental Statement for Minor Claiming Emancipation. Your parent will need to complete the form and get it notarized. This form and other supporting documents can be uploaded through the residency petition link above. 

Colorado Residency Declaration

Use this form if you have not previously attended classes at PPCC as a non-resident and you believe your residency determination is in error. You may also use this form if information was missing from your initial admissions application. If this form doesn't load the first time you try, please refresh the page and try again or try another browser.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

Students who are currently residing in Colorado but have maintained residency in Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, North Dakota, Washington, California, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota or the Mariana Islands may be eligible for WUE tuition rates. Students who use this program are declaring they are maintaining residency in a state other than Colorado. For this reason, students using WUE benefits are not establishing Colorado residency. If approved, a WUE application provides WUE rates for one term. Students may apply for WUE each term they attend PPCC.


Priority Deadline

The student shall have until the drop (census) date for the semester, if enrolled in any full term course or the drop (census) date for the earliest part of term enrolled, to provide the requested information in order to receive a residency decision prior to the drop date.

Drop dates are found on college’s instructional calendar. If a request is denied, the student can choose to remain enrolled as a non-resident and pay non-resident tuition rates, or they must drop their courses before the drop date to avoid a non-refundable tuition bill.

After the Priority Deadline

Students can still submit residency documents after the drop date (up to the start date of the next full term), but if the submitted information indicates that a student is not eligible for resident rates (i.e. the request is denied), the result will be a non-refundable tuition bill calculated at non-resident rates.

If the submitted information indicates that a student is eligible for resident tuition rates (i.e. the request is approved), the tuition bill will be recalculated at the new tuition rate.

Final Deadline

The FINAL deadline for changes in tuition classification, for the term in which the student is seeking reclassification, is no later than the day before the next full term start date.

This includes all types of residency reclassification requests - Residency Petitions, Residency Supplementals, Veteran and Dependent Waivers, WUE applications, requests for physical presence documents or any other residency related document.

Questions: Please e-mail Include your student number with all correspondence and forms.

Military Residency Forms:

Active Duty Service Member/Dependent

Use this online submission form if you are an active duty service member stationed in Colorado or you are the dependent of an active duty service member stationed in Colorado and the responses on your admissions application did not provide us with this information. 

Veteran or Dependent Waiver

Use this form if you are an honorably discharged veteran residing in Colorado or the dependent of an honorably discharged veteran residing in Colorado and the responses on your admissions application did not provide us with this information.