General Classification Procedures for Residency

Initial Classification - The initial classification is made by the admissions staff. The classification is based on the information provided on the application for admission. Failure to answer all questions could lead to initial classification as "out-of-state." After the student's status is determined, it remains unchanged in the absence of satisfactory evidence to the contrary.

Changes in Tuition Classification - individuals who feel they meet the requirements for in-state tuition may call 719.502.3000 for information and may file a petition requesting a change in tuition classification if deemed necessary. The procedures usually require submission of a petition for "in-state" tuition, with appropriate documentation to support the claim of Colorado "in-state" status, but may also include additional steps or requests for information. The burden of proof rests upon the petitioner who has the responsibility to submit a timely petition with the required documentation.

Appeal Procedures - Any student who is denied in-state tuition classification by the institution may appeal the decision. Each institution has a process to appeal the decision of the tuition classification officer. The appeal process includes an opportunity for the petition and supporting documentation to be presented to a panel of institutional or governing board representatives for review and resolution. The individual is notified of the decision made by the appeals panel and reasons why the petition was denied. The decision of the appeals panel is final and will not be overturned by CCHE.

Deadlines –Pikes Peak Community College publishes deadlines for requesting a tuition status change or submitting a completed petition. The deadline is published in the Class schedule each semester and on our website. The institution will respond within 30 days.

For further information on the Colorado Statutes and Guidelines, you may go to the following website: