Application Correction/Update

Use this form if you have not previously attended PPCC during a prior term and the initial admissions residency determination you received indicated you were missing two forms of intent for Colorado Residency. You may also use this form if information was missing from your initial admissions application.

Application Correction/Update Form

The Supplemental Residency form is not the correct form to use if you have attended PPCC as a non-resident and would like to now petition for classification as a resident.

Please submit this form to provide additional information that will clarify whether you are a Colorado resident or non-resident for tuition classification purposes. If appropriate, write “none” or “not applicable” in the fields below. You may attach additional documents as necessary. Use the word “present” for month/year if the date extends to the time you are completing this application.

For students under 23 years old and not emancipated, please provide parent residency information and documents on this form.

For students 23 years old or older, please provide your own residency information and documents on this form.

This form must be submitted within 10 working days or prior to the published deadline.

If you have any questions, please call our Enrollment Services office at 719-502-2000, or email

If you are an active duty service member stationed in Colorado or a veteran residing in Colorado, you may qualify for instate tuition rates based on your admissions application information. Please contact our Residency office if you applied to PPCC and did not receive a "Resident" classification. 

If you are the dependent of an active duty military service member assigned to a permanent change of station in Colorado, you may be eligible for in-state tuition rates by providing a copy of your military ID card.

If you are the dependent of a military veteran, you may be eligible for in-state tuition by submitting the veteran's waiver form.