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Tuition Appeal Guidelines

A Tuition Appeal should be completed when a student withdraws from their class(es) after the drop date  or has received an F grade in their course(s). This appeal is only to be used if withdrawal or failing grade(s) were due to documented extenuating circumstances. If approved, this appeal can result in a full or partial tuition refund. Appeals over five years old will not be considered. Appeals without supporting documentation will be returned.  

Reasons for appeal:

  • Extended illness of student (Tuition Appeal Medical Form required)

  • Extended illness of immediate family member (Tuition Appeal Medical Form required)

  • Death of immediate family member (documentation required)

  • Extended, unplanned military obligation; applies only to active or activated members (copy of orders required)

  • Other (supporting documentation required)

For an academic concern (instructor dissatisfaction, course dissatisfaction, or grade changes) please contact the instructional division prior to submitting a tuition appeal.

Tuition Appeal Process:

  • Complete the Tuition Appeal Application.
    • Attach supporting documentation (i.e. medical documents, death certificate, military orders).
  • Active Duty Military and Veterans, contact your School Certifying Official prior to submitting a Tuition Appeal. An approved appeal may result in significant financial impact. 
  • If you utilized ACCESSibility Services during the semester that you are appealing, include a copy of your PPCC Accessibility Services accommodation letter.
  • All tuition appeals will be reviewed by a committee.
  • Monitor the email address on your appeal for updates and requests for more information. 
  • Tuition Appeals take 6-8 weeks to process. Once processed, you will receive an email with the committee's decision. This decision is final. 

Apply for a Tuition Appeal

Tuition Appeal Application