Tuition Appeal Qualifications

To receive an automatic tuition refund, students must drop classes by the deadline listed in the class schedule.

A tuition refund may be considered through the tuition appeal process after the drop deadline only if documented extenuating circumstances exist. Appeals for past school years cannot be considered.

Examples of extenuating circumstances are

  • Extended illness of student
  • Extended illness of immediate family member (children, parents, siblings, and spouses)
  • Death in immediate family (children, parents, siblings, and spouses)
  • Or extended unplanned military obligation (active or activated)

Academic concerns (instructor dissatisfaction, course dissatisfaction, or grade changes) are not eligible for appeal through this process. Please contact the instructional division for additional information.

Tuition Appeal Guidelines:

  • Appeals must be submitted no later than one year following the semester in which you are appealing.
  • Enclose a brief letter of explanation stating your reason(s) for submitting the appeal.
  • Attach supporting documentation. (i.e. medical documents, death certificate, military orders, etc.)
  • Incomplete appeal forms or appeals without proper documentation will be returned, without review, by the Tuition Appeals Committee.
  • If you are currently still enrolled in the affected course(s), or have received passing grades ("D" or better), your application will not be considered and will be returned.

Tuition Appeal Forms:

Please fill out our online Tuition Appeal Form below. If you are submitting a tuition appeal due to medical or mental health reasons, you must also have a physician fill out a Tuition Appeal Medical Documentation Form and include it in your appeal.

Tuition Appeal Application