Print Management System

In an effort to promote responsible printing, Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) is implementing a print management solution named PaperCut. PaperCut is a comprehensive solution designed to assist students in making the most out of every print job.

Check your PaperCut account (this link works only when logged in on campus)

The following examples demonstrate how PaperCut works:

  1. Johnson is a student at PPCC. He is logged onto the instructional network and is surfing the Internet. He would like to print out a web page for his school assignment.
  2. Pikes Peak Community College has allocated Johnson a printing credit budget of $25.00 for the semester. He can see that he has a current account balance of $24.50 in the PaperCut Client Tool window. (Johnson has already been printing this semester).
  3. Johnson prints the web page. Five (5) pages come out of the printer.
  4. Black & White single-sided prints cost $0.05. Johnson’s 5-page document costs $0.25.
  5. Johnson's account balance is now at $24.25. He may continue to print until his account is out of funds; at which time Johnson may purchase a Pre-Paid Print Card from any of the open labs vending machines or campus bookstores.

For additional information stop by any of the open computer labs for assistance.

Note: At the beginning of each semester, every student will be given a $25.00 printing credit at no additional cost to the student. Additional TopUp/ Pre-Paid Print Cards may be purchased in $5.00 increments.

Print Charges

Black & White single


Black & White duplex 2nd page




Color duplex 2nd page


*Rounds up when duplexing odd number of pages. For example: A black and white print out that is duplexed costs $0.08. That is one page printed on the front and back.

How to use the PaperCut Pre-paid Printing Card

Where to find the Pre-Paid Cards: Cards may purchased from any of the open labs vending machines or from the campus bookstore.

How to use Pre-Paid Cards:

  • Open the PaperCut Client Tool window (located in the taskbar or system tray)
  • Click on Details link
  • Logon using your PPCC user name and password
  • Cick on the "Redeem Card" link
  • Enter the PaperCut TopUp/Prepaid card number (including dashes & no spaces)
  • Click on "Redeem Card" button
    • You will either see:
      • A conformation of the value added to your account
      • An invalid card attempt message (if this occurs, re-enter the card number. If that doesn't work, please contact a computer lab assistant for further assistance).
  • Click on "Transaction History" link to verify that the funds have been allocated.