New Service Learning Courses

This Fall students can select a course that has a service project integrated into the curriculum. Students interested in taking a service learning course should look for the “S” in the section number (e.g. ENG 122-00S). Students who successfully complete three (3) Service Learning courses will receive a letter of commendation upon graduation or transfer. If you are planning on taking any of the courses below, choose a service learning section to enrich your academic experience!

Courses by Instructor and PPCC Campus Location(s)
Course Instructor Campus
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology I
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology II
Gina Swanson Rampart
HIS 208 American Indian History
HIS 225 Colorado History
Katherine Sturdevant Rampart and
AAA 176 Advancing Academic Achievement Karrey Farris Rampart
AAA 176 Advancing Academic Achievement Danen Jobe Online
COM 125 Interpersonal Communication
COM 225 Intercultural Communication
Katie Puryear Downtown and Centennial
COM 115 Public Speaking Stephen Collins Centennial
COM 125 Interpersonal Communication Stephen Collins Downtown
COM 115 Public Speaking HIS /121 U.S. History to Reconstruction Stephen Collins/ Katherine Sturdevant Rampart Range
PSY 101 General Psychology I
ENG 121 English Composition I
Misty Hull/
Teresa Aggen
Rampart Range
ENG 121 English Composition I
PHI 111 Intro to Philosophy
Robin Schofield / Bruce McCluggage Centennial and Downtown
IPP 145 Deaf People in Society Donnette Patterson Centennial
COM 220 Intercultural Communication Regina Lewis Centennial
ENG 121 English Composition I
ENG 122 English Composition II
Cheryl Ray Rampart Range
ENG 122 English Composition II Jo-Ellen Becco Rampart Range
MAT 025 Algebraic Literacy Lab
MAT 055 Algebraic Literacy
Lindsey Small Rampart Range
ENG 121 English Composition I Cheryl Ray Rampart Range
ART 251 Painting II
ART 252 Painting III
ART 253 Painting IV
Laura Ben-Amots Centennial
ENV 101 Environmental Science Ruth-Ann Larish Downtown
HIS 218 History of Science and Technology Glenn Rohlfing Centennial
MGD 211 Adobe Photoshop II Jenna Shearn Downtown
PHI 112 Ethics and PHI 113 Logic Richard Trussell Centennial
FRE 211 French Language III Amy Cornish Rampart Range
PHI 111 Intro to Philosophy Bruce McCluggage Downtown and Centennial
ENG 131 Technical Writing I Lynanne George Centennial
MAT 202 Calculus II Holly Ashton Rampart