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Students who take 3 Service Learning Courses receive a Letter of Commendation for resumé and application building and strength.

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Three Service Learning Classes = Letter of Commendation for Service

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Volunteering boosts job prospects for young people, study finds
Young adults who volunteer are almost half as likely to be unemployed and out of school than are people who don't volunteer, according to a study released Monday by Opportunity Nation. A 2013 study found that people who volunteer are 27% more likely to find jobs. Bloomberg Businessweek (9/29)

Students who serve:

  • rethink how they learn and why they value their education
  • become involved in their communities
  • become active rather than passive learners
  • help identify and solve problems in their communities
  • build closer connections between their campus and their communities
  • learn about our increasingly varied and changing world
  • understand people and cultures that are unique
  • develop resourcefulness, a stronger inner self, and a clearer sense of personal identity.

More than any other type of educational activity, working with others from a different culture and/or economic class can help you begin to think critically about what you have, what you value, what other individuals in your community have a right to expect, and how you contribute to your community.


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