Learn How To Find the Information You Need

Feel confident about any research assignment

UBC_Learning_Commons.jpgTake LTN 105 Research Strategies

A 2-credit, 2-week late start course
running from Sept. 5 - Dec. 16, 2012

This class is for anyone

  • going on to a four year college/university or beyond
  • entering an information intensive field
  • who wants to know how to find information

Students who have completed the course can:

  • pick a workable topic - not too broad or too narrow
  • create a search strategy for finding great sources
  • select search terms that produce on-target results
  • evaluate the usefulness of any source
  • understand citations to find a source or give credit to another person's work
  • discuss information oriented social and legal issues like privacy and censorship

For Fall 2012

New! Online section 
or traditional face-to-face section that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-6:45 PM in room A226 at Centennial

To register:

  • In Banner, choose the subject "Library Technician."
    • Don't worry about the library technician label! This course is intended for any PPCC student.
  • Choose the online or in-person section
    • online is CRN #25596
    • in-person is CRN #23326

 Questions? Contact your adviser or Shelley Harper