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Goal 1: Develop a Mission Minded Culture

Tactic 01

Develop future
and existing leaders

  • Drive accountability by rewarding excellent performance and innovative risk-taking
  • Conduct leadership training to develop leadership skills & build effective teams
  • Ask excellent performers to teach their peers
  • Expose faculty and staff to exciting student experiences to keep them connected to the impact PPCC has on students Pathways
  • Empower mid-level leaders to recognize and reward innovative risk-taking among their teams and communicate success stories with the rest of the institution.


Evaluate and incorporate best practices used by other institutions

  • For example, HR practices of recruiting, minimum job requirements, instructional practices, guided pathways, CTE programming, etc.


Develop internal communication that keeps stakeholders informed, inspired, and provides a vehicle for feedback

  • Identify the formats in which PPCC stakeholders will pay attention to information
  • Share success stories


Establish an innovation incubator where members of the College, the business community, and students will utilize data & metrics to generate ideas and solutions

  • Give members of the innovation incubator real problems to solve (e.g., what are the best ways to communicate with PPCC stakeholders so they attend to the info and feel engaged?)
  • Provide a mechanism where ideas can be tested