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Goal 2: Assure that students set and achieve their academic and career goals.

Tactic 01

Identify each student's goals and develop an academic plan

  • Understand a student's goals at the point of enrollment and track and advise accordingly
  • Every student has an academic plan by the end of their first semester
  • Expand student success courses (For example, college ready students and/or programmatic areas)
  • Explore meta-majors and Guided Pathways
  • Each degree seeking student completes his/her math in their first year


Improve student support to maximize retention, completion, and transfer

  • Design a process tailored to identify and address the diverse needs of an entering student (i.e. support tactics would vary by student needs)
  • Increase engagement through student life programming
  • Create social connections for students within the College community so that they stay on campus, know people, and be involved
  • Design student support and resources to increase graduation and transfer rates


Ensure excellence in teaching and learning

  • Promote high impact learning practices, including service learning, experiential learning, learning communities, writing intensive courses, collaborative projects, global studies, internships, and capstones projects
  • Use data to drive best practices in developmental education
  • Invest in professional development to support high impact learning practices


Use assessment results to improve teaching, learning, and student support services

  • Promote a culture of assessment leading to continuous improvement in every academic program
  • Promote a culture of assessment leading to continuous improvement in student support services including co-curricular experiences