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Goal 3: Deliberately drive enrollment to ensure a strong future for PPCC

Tactic 01

Streamline the admission and enrollment process to increase yield in new students from application to enrollment

  • Provide clear communication about the path to enrollment
  • Minimize high stakes testing for placement
  • Develop pre-enrollment orientation and advisement appropriate for a variety of student populations
  • Provide for early financial aid and scholarship award notifications
  • Connect students to their academic program plan in their rst semester (a course or activity in their academic program)

Tactic 02

Expand where and how classes are offered to meet students' needs

  • Analyze evening, weekend, and online options to ensure students can complete degrees
  • Use guided pathways principles to help students navigate the alternative scheduling options
  • Launch targeted marketing for online, weekend, and evening students
  • Use AdAstra Analytics, Institutional Effectiveness and other available resources to determine which sections need to be added, considering location, time, and demand

Tactic 03

Communicate PPCC's academic excellence

  • Target participation at community- based events that connects us to potential students
  • Develop universal PPCC messaging and talking points
  • Showcase student and alumni success stories
  • Highlight notable faculty and sta and their accomplishments

Tactic 04

Identify target market segments and develop segmented marketing and recruitment strategies for each

  • Convert concurrent students to transfer students Increase scholarship funds available for incoming students
  • Appeal to non-traditional students by increasing offerings and organization of evening, weekend and online programming to meet the diverse needs of students. Aggressively market scholarship opportunities to appropriate segments
  • Develop recruitment strategies for Latino/Hispanic students and diverse populations that are underrepresented in a particular academic program (Nursing, Cyber Security, STEM, etc.)

Tactic 5

Strategically plan and invest in campus physical and technology infrastructures to support high quality learning environments

  • Maintain updated PPCC Master Facilities Plan
  • Maximize returns on IT infrastructure investments by providing relevant and responsive training