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Goal 4: Anticipate and respond to emerging workforce needs and demographic shifts

Tactic 01

Develop the capacity to develop high-demand programming

  • During programming development and academic review, use the Workforce Development Division as a resource to understand and analyze workforce demand
  • Secure adequate resources for high- demand programs

Tactic 02

Monitor and use data about regional demographic trends (e.g. housing shifts, aging trends, etc.)

  • Evaluate educational trend data to understand the difference between the needs of highly educated newcomers and those of up-and- coming locals so we can advocate effectively for all learners
  • Use demographic trend data to determine delivery of services and programs
  • Identify and promote the diverse educational needs of our service area

Tactic 03

Strengthen and build partnerships with business and industry

  • Develop a systematic plan to educate partners about PPCC and its mission/programming
  • Create a point of contact to coordinate student/employer connections
  • Pilot academic cluster navigators to build a pipeline that starts with potential students and ends with employment

Tactic 04

Explore credentialing, competency-based initiatives or other strategies to align student needs with industry standards

  • Monitor and evaluate current and potential credentialing opportunities in the market place
  • Effectively communicate student knowledge, skills and abilities to employers
  • Based on data and employer needs, provide applicable student evaluation and testing

Tactic 05

Evaluate and improve our degree portfolio

  • Develop a dashboard to conduct an annual academic division review to analyze programs
  • Work with Workforce Development and industry partners to identify which additional degrees are needed to drive the economy with appropriately trained graduates