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Goal 5: Better serve a diverse current and prospective student population

Tactic 01

Hire and retain a diverse workforce that represents our community

  • Develop recruitment strategies to attract diverse candidate pools
  • Develop effective candidate selection strategies
  • Develop effective retention strategies
  • Evaluate current programming and practices

Tactic 02

Increase the cultural competency of faculty, staff, and students

  • Develop additional initiatives to create a more inclusive or culturally responsive campus environment (For example, increase designated global study sections, develop sta professional development trainings, and increase cultural experience/ events on campus)
  • Orientation of employees and students to build cultural competency

Tactic 03

Identify ways to improve recruitment, and enrollment, retention, and completion of underrepresented students

  • Collect and evaluate data that is representative of various student populations
  • Secure dedicated funding for meaningful scholarships for a diverse student body
  • Evaluate current programming and practices and identify and pilot new initiatives that promote best practices
  • Drive greater Hispanic enrollment, getting to 20%, with an eventual goal of 25%, which would make PPCC a Hispanic Serving Institution
  • Create a staff , faculty, student and community advisory team to devise tactics to make that happen
  • Grow military (and military family) retention and completion rates