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Phi Theta Kappa 2019-2020 Officers Plus Available Chapter Officer Positions List

Alpha Gamma Alpha has 20 officer positions. Local chapter Phi Theta Kappa members are welcome to apply for open Chapter Officer positions by submitting a Letter of Intent.

PTK Chapter Officers

Office: Name   Email


Andre "Dr. Dre" Guy

Andre (Dr.Dre) Guy.jpg

Alysa Wieman

Mariah Mayhugh

Alysa VP.jpg

Vice President of Scholarship

Ariana Bustos


Vice President of Finance

OPEN: This Could Be YOU!


Vice President of Records

OPEN: This Could Be YOU!


Vice President of Service

OPEN: This Could Be YOU!


Vice President of Fellowship

Monica Jahneke


Vice President of Public Relations

Julie Webster

Julie Webster VP of Public Affairs.jpg

Vice President of Membership

Nichole Firle




Nichole Firle VP of Membership.jpg

Regional President

Maria Bergman




Maria VP of Scholarship.jpg


Chapter Advisors

Advisor, Campus Location Campus Location(s) Phone Email

Glenn Rohlfing

History Faculty
Undergraduate Research, HIPs

  (719) 502-3462

Ilah Jackson

Faculty and Chair in the Interpretation Program
Advisor to the Sign Language Club

Headshot.PNG (719) 502-3076

Officer Position Application Requirements

Each position has specific duties to fulfill in order for any chapter activity, project, or event to occur. Members are elected to an officer position by the membership at a general meeting. Members interested in becoming an officer must complete these steps in order for an election to be called:

  1. Fill out the Chapter Officer Application
  2. Read Chapter: Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy
  3. Write a one-page Personal Leadership Philosophy.
  4. Set an appointment with either:
    • Professor Glenn Rohlfing: email at
    • Professor Ilah Jackson: email at

Officer Application

Previous Officers

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