The President's Pell Grant Scholarship

PPCC President, Dr. Bolton, supports student success and creating opportunities for students. Students who have qualified for a PELL Grant and who are actively receiving Pell Grant monies may be eligible to receive a separate grant to cover the membership fee.


To be eligible for the President's Pell Grant Scholarship, students must meet Phi Theta Kappa's membership requirements and must have a GPA of 3.25.
Students must be actively receiving the Pell Grant during the current semester.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, you may either:

  • We do not accept applications for the Pell Grant Scholarship until September for the Fall Semester, February for the Spring Semester, and June for the Summer Semester.
  • We process membership applications twice a semester; therefore, it can take up to 8 Weeks to get your membership packet from headquarters.
  • At any time, if you have questions about your application, you may email for the status of your application; you can expect a reply on Fridays, as this is the time we have allocated for this program.
  • Fill out the online web application below and select the 'Yes' option in the President's Pell Grant Scholarship form field.
  • Please note: annually from Fall Semester through Summer Semester, the President has authorized funds for the FIRST 250 Pell Grant students; this scholarship is awarded to those who qualify on a first come, first serve basis.

Applications can take 8 weeks to process. from either the organization or Associate Professor Rohlfing. Phi Theta Kappa Head Quarters can take up to an additional 5 weeks to process packet. Please be patient; feel free to contact us if you haven't received your packet from the organization.

President's Pell Grant Scholarship Application for PTK Membership

Please Read

Local chapters extend invitation to membership. Once initiated, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA established by the chapter. A student who fails to maintain GPA requirements must notify the chapter advisor immediately. Membership is revoked if the GPA requirement is not met by the following term.

Note: A student must meet all membership eligibility requirements stated in Article IV, Section 2 of Phi Theta Kappa’s Constitution and Chapter 1, Section 1 of the Bylaws .

A person currently incarcerated is not eligible for membership. A person convicted of a felony (or any crime whose potential sentence is greater than one year) may be considered for membership following completion of all conditions of sentencing, including probation.


I believe in and support the purpose of the Society. Furthermore, I have read and affirm that I meet all membership eligibility requirements stated in Phi Theta Kappa’s Constitution and Bylaws. I adhere to the moral standards of the Society. Therefore, I solemnly promise to uphold the standards of Phi Theta Kappa, and to keep this object and aim in my mind, and I pledge to support my fellow members and promise to aid them in all worthy endeavors.

IMPORTANT - Read before submitting:

By including your electronic signature and submitting this form, you state that you have read and agree to the Phi Theta Kappa oath and application critera stated above.