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Dr. Lance Bolton

Dr. Lance Bolton



June 17, 2020 

Dear  Ma’am or Sir:    

Congratulations on earning the invitation to join the world's largest honor society for community college students, Phi Theta Kappa. Eligibility at Pikes Peak Community College requires students to have a 3.25 GPA, and completion of twelve institution credits towards a declared associate degree or certificate program.   

Membership includes benefits designed to help you grow as a scholar and servant leader. Through your local chapter, you will gain the ability to network with your peers, to hone leadership skills, to research local issues, and to work with fellow chapter members in a team environment through the Honors in Action and Competitive Edge programming.  There are also more than $90 million in scholarships available to Phi Theta Kappa Members; those who get involved with their chapter may earn more scholarship monies.  Former officers in Phi Theta Kappa and Pikes Peak Community College graduates used the experience they’ve gained in Phi Theta Kappa to earn transfer scholarships:   


  1. Stephen Howard Guy earned $47,000 in scholarship monies to go to the University of Southern California.   

  1. Samona  Doeman, Stephen Holms, and Ashlyn Morrison earned a Reisher Scholarship to attend University of Colorado at Colorado Spring.   

  1. Past President Laura Aguilar earned both grants and scholarships to help cover her cost at Colorado State Ft. Collins.  

  1. Culinary CTE students Thomas Grabe and Betsy Anderson each earned a $30,000 scholarship to Johnson and Wales.   


There is a one-time membership fee of $80.00.  In your student email, you’ve received an invitation from Phi Theta Kappa with a passcode.  Go to, and select the orange button “Join” and have your form of payment and passcode ready.  Follow the prompts and join today.  If you are unable to pay electronically, cash or check payments can also be submitted Prof. Glenn Rohlfing and Prof. Ilah Jackson, or Priscilla Ferris at Centennial Campus in F200 to pay in person.   

Membership Fee Grant Opportunity: If you are actively receiving PELL Grant funds this semester, you may be eligible to receive a separate grant to pay the $80.00. If you believe you qualify, do NOT join online!  We will not be able to reimburse you.  Instead, fill out this online application, and submit it by July 27th, 2020. Please note, that this process can take up to eight weeks.  Also, funds are limited; apply early.  Students who are awarded this membership grant will not receive cash or check funds; Pikes Peak Community College will pay Phi Theta Kappa directly if you are eligible.   

Please note: if you’ve joined Phi Theta Kappa, then please disregard this message as sometimes our Institutional Research department will pull duplicate data.   

We encourage you to contact the Chapter President Andre “Dr. Dre” Guy and GET INVOLVED!     

Please check out our website  and  our events.  If you have any questions, please email these to  



Lance Bolton, Ph.D.  

Pikes Peak Community College