How do students get involved in Student Government?

Stop by the Student Government office at any campus to learn more or join us every Friday from 9:00-12:00 in Room C200 on Centennial Campus as a Student Voice.


Our Mission Statement:

The Student Government Association of Pikes Peak Community College is the voice that advocates student growth and success through leadership development, while promoting diversity, acceptance, integrity, and unity by focusing on the needs of the student.

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Senator At Large - President

Allison Nottingham

Allison Nottingham joined SGA in April of 2018. Allison plans to get a degree in Biochemistry but is currently working on her general studies. Allison joined SGA to be a positive role model for the student body, be a leader of an amazing community college, and to make strides for every student to feel comfortable, and love the school they are at to accomplish their career or career path here at PPCC. After Pikes Peak Community College, Allison plans to attend a four year university to get her degree in Biochemistry then attend medical school to become a doctor.


Senator At Large

Adonis Jaramillo

Adonis is majoring in Communications. He joined SGA to get involved at PPCC. He is quoted as saying "It was one of best decisions I have made."

Adonis Jaramillo graduated in May 2018. He will return to PPCC for the summer semester to finish up his remaining credits and will transfer to UCCS for the fall semester, where he will enroll in the Student Affairs in Higher Education program (SAHE). He wants to come back and work at PPCC after completing his education.


Senate Pro-Tem

Jen Sharp

Jen Sharp is a Political Science Major, graduating in the Summer of 2018. She joined SGA to help students have as good of an experience at PPCC as she has had. After graduation, Jen plans on running for local office in the Colorado Springs while studying law. Ultimately, she wants to be a U.S. Senator representing Colorado.


Senator At Large - Vice President

Lacey King

Lacey King joined SGA in March of 2018.

Lacey is currently pursuing her Associates degree in Applied Science to become a Paralegal at PPCC. When she graduates, she hopes to transfer to UCCS to obtain a Bachelors in Political Science with a focus in Global Politics and a minor in French. It is her dream to be able to devote her career to the progression and betterment of Colorado Springs.

Lacey wants to be in SGA because she wants to stand for the Student Body and protect its value. Lacey believes the Student Body voice is what makes PPCC the best college in Colorado Springs. In a time where people are finally waking up, she hopes to be a servant to those who want to see change and promote that change.


State Student Advisory Council Chair

Alana Mitchell

Alana is currently pursuing her AGS. Alana has always been passionate about people and making sure they have a voice in getting what they deserve. She has been a part of SGA for 4 semesters and has had the opportunity to see a lot of change on campus because of this group.



Ty Upshaw

Ty is working towards an AA of Arts in Business Transfer and an AAS in Business Administration. He joined the Student Government Association in 2015 because he wanted to find a way to impact true change for the students of the college and ultimately leave it better than it was when he started. Upon graduation from PPCC, Ty will transfer fulltime to the UCCS to complete his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Management, Supervision, and Business Foundations.


Senator At Large - Majority Leader

Trey O'Brien

Trey is currently in a business marketing degree program. He plans on taking his experience at Pikes Peak to market inspiring business plans with the goal of helping people get on their feet out of sticky situations. He joined SGA to help the PPCC community succeed in any way they need.