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Conner Wells - President

Conner Wells joined Student Government in January 2019, in order to create a positive environment for students and help make PPCC a thriving institution where students can pursue their dreams and transform their community. He is a sophomore studying Psychology and Philosophy, looking to continue his degree at a university elsewhere. It is his goal to be accepted into law school to focus his career efforts on Criminal Justice Reform and Restorative Justice. He loves to dance and participate in community-building events.


Brendon King - Treasurer

So yeah... I'm a gamer.

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Daniel Dos Santos - Non Traditional Senator

Daniel Dos Santos is a prior helicopter mechanic for the army who is attending PPCC. He is originally from Rhode Island and moved to Colorado Springs 2 years ago. He is majoring in Respiratory Therapy and will be attending PPCC for the next year taking prerequisites.


Antonio Jager - Senator at Large

Antonio Jager has been at Pikes Peak Community College since 2015 and is currently pursuing a career in Nursing. Before school, he served in the Army as a Combat Engineer (2006-2011) serving one tour in Iraq. He aspires to be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in his future, helping military and military families reconnect and become successful individuals. He has been a part of the Student Government since 2019 and joined SGA to bring the voice and ideas of students to fruition and help bridge the student community and school together. 


Nikki Larzo - Vice President

Nikki Larzo discovered Student Government in Fall of 2018 and officially joined in spring of 2019. She is currently studying for a degree in communication. Some of her hobbies include singing, writing, and cooking. In student government she hopes to have a significant impact on students by helping to make important changes, as well as help improve SGA as a whole. She is looking to be finished at PPCC sometime in 2020.


Sam Owens - Secretary

The coolest SGA secretary since 1912.

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Abbie Boren - Health and Sports Senator

Abbie is a nursing major at Pikes Peak, and plans to get her Nurse Practitioner degree after she receives her Bachelors in Nursing at pikes peak. She is currently a Certified Nurses Aid, and works as a volleyball coach at Coronado High school. Abbie joined SGA to help make PPCC closer as a community, and promote involvement throughout the Pikes Peak atmosphere.


Samuel Leon R - Rampart Range Senator

Samuel León R. Is from Salt Lake City UT. He served in the military and now resides in Colorado Springs. He is majoring in Political science. Sam is currently in a senator position with SGA.


Whitney Burke - Academic Affairs Senator

Whitney is attending PPCC with a specific interest in psychology and is majoring in social work. She hopes to put her education to use in the field of research and advocacy. Whitney joined SGA in order to represent and advocate for students in the areas of academics and mental health.  Some of her favorite SGA activities include attending campus events, bringing awareness of resources to the student body and meeting new people. Whitney is an avid traveler and enjoys learning about new cultures.



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Mohamed BenMajed - Speaker of the Senate

Mohamed BenMajed, enrolled at Pikes Peak Community College since Summer 2019. He was ratified into SGA in August of 2019. Born and raised in Tunisia, now a naturalized citizen of the United States, he is currently in the paralegal program and is fluent in Arabic and French. Hobbies include mountain biking and education.


Jalen Johnson - SSAC Representative

Jalen Johnson is currently majoring in paramedics here at PPCC. He graduated in 2018 and joined SGA during his first semester as a student. He served as a senator for two semesters before becoming the State Student Advisory Council Representative which allows him to elevate the voice of student concerns and ideas at a political level. He meets with several other community colleges within Colorado to propose and decide what issues to tackle for the year.

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Angel Sukmanowsky - Events and Activities Senator

Angel originally moved to Colorado Springs in 2014 from the Philippines. She began attending PPCC in fall of 2018, she is a military spouse and has 6 fur babies. She is majoring in General Studies and prior to SGA she was a work-study for Student Life. She joined SGA because she wanted to be more involved outside of the front desk. She also seconds as the Secretary of the Senate.

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Micaela Grant - Diversity and Equity Senator

Micaela is a freshman this year at PPCC. Her passions include making music, writing, and having fun with friends.