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TRiO/Student Support Services

About Us

The TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) grant program provides services to first generation, low income, Veterans,  and students with disabilities to help  overcome social, academic and cultural barriers to higher education.The TRiO SSS program is one of several TRiO grant programs on campus designed to provide additional services to qualified participants.

Important COVID 19 Notice

  • TRIO SSS is continuing to provide all services to our current TRIO students from home until such time as the campuses are fully open again.  We are with you during this challenging time.  Please use your advisor and tutors to help you.  We are at your service, now more than ever! (There is a list of tutors and staff advisors below.)
  • Taking math in the summer?  Need a tutor?  Contact Carrie Riffee.
  • Not taking a math course but want to work on your math confidence?  Consider taking Math Attack in July!  Contact Selinea Moore-Allen or Michael Reyes.
  • We understand this is a challenging time for all.  Hang in there!  You can do this, and we are here to help!

List of Staff Advisors and Tutors:


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Mission Statement

To empower first generation, low-income college students, Veterans, and individuals with disabilities to persist, graduate, and transfer by providing comprehensive academic and personalized services.

Core Values

Compassion: Compassion drives us to be authentic and to respond without judgement.

Empowerment: We will encourage students to make their own choices and empower them with the tools to develop their own potential.

Passion: We have a passion about excellence in daily job performance and helping others achieve their goals.

Teamwork: Our team is enhanced by the strengths of the individual members and  embraces diversity.

How to Apply

  • Check out the eligibility criteria
  • Obtain the application here online or pick up an application in the Students Support Services office in Room A-130 at the Centennial Campus

Call (719) 502-3222 for more information.

Math Practice and other resources.

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TRiO/Student Support Services

Hours and Locations:

CENTENNIAL- ROOM A130 Monday-8am-5pm; Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm

                           Appointments needed after 5pm by appointment ONLY.


DTSC- ROOM S126 Wednesday 1pm-5pm


RAMPART RANGE- ROOM S102i Wednesday 8am-5pm


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