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Chalkboard art for Mike Madson
Mike Madson portrait

Mike Madson Ukelele Playing Meteorologist and Associate Dean


Competitive accordion player, toured with rock bands.

Bucket List:

Up close and personal with a volcano.


Seizes every opportunity for improvement.

PPCC Cred.:

Faculty since 2000.

Current Status:

Associate Dean of Health and Sciences.

Surprising thing about PPCC:

The outstanding collaboration among faculty and staff.

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... portrait

India Hicks Fashion Savvy Bookworm and Student President

Vehicle of Choice:


Favorite Quote:

"Speak even if your voice is shaking".


Seizes every opportunity for improvement.

PPCC Cred.:

Student Body President.


Eye for fashion.

Favorite Outlet:


Surprising thing about PPCC:

Feels like a university.

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... portrait

James Tandoh International Storyteller and Communications Major

Life Outlook:

Crazy good.


Always finishes what he starts.


Music with a side of soccer, always ready to make a new friend.

PPCC Cred.:

Second year Communications major.



Surprising thing about PPCC:

That the classes are university level.

Chalkboard art for Regina Lewis
Regina Lewis portrait

Dr. Regina Lewis Educational Superstar and Professor


From first-generation, low-income, single military mom to AA, BA, MA, Ph.D. Whoohoo!!

PPCC Cred.:

Communications Professor.

Known for Saying:

"You must write your story or someone else will."


First Place in bodybuilding.

Gets Her Going:

Knows she will spark the genius of PPCC students.

Surprising fact about PPCC:

Without PPCC there would not be a Dr. Lewis. She started her educational journey at the Centennial Campus as a student.

Chalkboard art for Willie
Willie's portrait

Willie Linson SuperCharged Soldier and Student Leader


Combat Medic.


Tried school once, didn't see the value.


"School makes life better, it lights it up."

PPCC Cred.:

Student Government, History major.

Surprising thing about PPCC:

Taught him the value of individuals.

Light-Bulb Moment:

History is sugar-coated.

Chalkboard art for Paul
Paul's portrait

Paul Smith Deployment Ink-Slinger and Student Author


Go to a school with smaller class sizes, if you ask for assistance you will get it.

Surpirsing thing about PPCC:

In school with people like him, he is not alone in the process.


Capitalizes on real life opportunities, wrote "Ultimate Deployment Guide" while overseas.


Not from anywhere, more like everywhere.


"We should all get chickens".

PPCC Cred.:

Business Transfer student.

Chalkboard art for Katie Tomlinson
Katie Tomlinson portrait

Katie TomlinsonPositively Determined Dynamo and Social Work Student


“The easiest way to encourage people is to smile . .  .  I always smile, it shows people I care.”


Defying the odds; proving doctors wrong since day one.


Quiet confidence with a powerful voice.

PPCC Cred.:

Full-ride Kane Scholarship recipient.

Current Status:

Graduates in May and is transferring to a four-year college where she will complete a bachelor's degree in Social Work.

Surprising thing about PPCC:

The diversity. "The diversity at PPCC is amazing. These students have wisdom, listen to it."