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Office of Sustainability:

We are still available by email at this time. Send us an email or complete the contact form below.

Vote on the future of the Office of Sustainability!

Mark Your Calendars on April 13 - 14, 2021, for the Student Government Elections.

The Green Campus Fee, which supports the Office of Sustainability, will be on the ballot.

Visit the Your Actions webpage to learn more about the proposed changes and read the ballot initiative. 

The Office of Sustainability

The first of its kind for community colleges in Colorado.

What is sustainability? 

At its most basic level, sustainability teaches students how to save money, improve health, and reduce waste.​​ 

Another way to understand sustainability is through exploring the interconnections between the 3P's: Planet, People, Prosperity. To be sustainable, an organization, country, and world must pursue all three "P's."    

3 P's Venn Diagram. Planet: Environmental variables relating to natural resources, water, air quality, energy conservation, and land use. The planet is bearable for people to inhabit. People: Social variables dealing with community, education, equity, social resources, health, well-being, and quality of life. People pursue equity to achieve prosperity. Prosperity: Economic variables dealing with the profits and cash flow. Prosperity seeks to be viable with the planet. To be sustainable, an organization, country, and world must pursue planet, people, and prosperity.

Why learn about sustainability?

Sustainability is relevant to all academic, technical, and vocational programs. These concepts and practices prepare students to address society’s most pressing problems and give them a competitive advantage in job applications.

Our Vision 

A thriving, equitable, and resilient Pikes Peak Community College.

Our Mission

To work alongside students, faculty, and staff to develop a culture of resource conservation, social responsibility, and financial stewardship. 

Our Funding

We receive funding from a student fee called Green Campus Fee. Students are charged $0.39 per credit hour to support our modest operating budget and full-time sustainability coordinator.

Our Services

  • Employment: We provide employment opportunities for all students.
  • Engagement: We partner with staff and faculty to plan events and activities.
  • Curriculum: We support faculty in incorporating sustainability into their classes.
  • Operations: We advise staff on reducing waste, increasing resource efficiency, and purchasing sustainable products and services.
  • Strategic Planning: We collaborate with administrators to incorporate sustainability into the college’s strategic plan and conduct college-wide sustainability assessments.

 â€‹â€‹Our 10-Year Achievements 

  • Transportation: Championed a program that provides bus passes to 500 students.
  • Waste: Invested over $250,000 in innovative recycling and hydration stations.
  • Employment: Trained and mentored over 45 student employees.
  • Engagement: Planned events and activities for thousands of students each year.
  • Grounds: Greatly improved the gardens at the Centennial Campus courtyard.
  • Buildings: Proposed the college’s first high-performance building.
  • Energy: Piloted the first energy-efficient LED lighting project.
  • Awards: Won two regional sustainability awards. 

Contact Us

Location: Centennial Campus, Room C-203


Phone: (719) 502-2342

Our Actions

Discover sustainability programs and initiatives. 

Our Actions

Your Actions

Explore events, resources, and opportunities. 

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