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The Office of Sustainability

"To foster a culture of financial, social, and environmental stewardship."

1. Education

2. Programs

3. Community

We believe education is where it all starts. Through comprehensive solutions, we develop a plan of action for the college to maximize their effectiveness, expand their outcomes, and save time and resources.

Through programs dedicated to the priorities of our college, we provide creative ways for individuals to not only adapt to our ever changing environment, but equip them with essential tools to go from surviving to thriving! 

We understand that it takes a community of change agents to impact the culture. We foster the kind of community that communicates vision, establishes values, and connects diverse populations to make lasting impact in our community!

How We Function

The Office of Sustainability at Pikes Peak Community College operates as a collaborative organization striving to create lasting change that directly effects the benefactors of that change. 

Order of Operation within PPCC's Office of Sustainability

How We Began

The Office of Sustainability was an initiative championed by Pikes Peak Community College’s (PPCC) Student Government Association. They sought and received student and administrative approval in May 2011 for the chartering of the Office and funding from a student fee. In addition, The Office of Sustainability is voted on by the student body ever five years with the next time coming in Spring 2021. 

Office of Sustainability FAQ

What is sustainability?

The Office of Sustainability defines sustainability as a lifestyle that improves wellbeing, saves money, and reduces ecological footprint. Beyond a lifestyle, sustainability is an academic discipline and career field. Since we use natural resources in everything we do, sustainability is relevant and beneficial to all lifestyles, career fields, and academic and technical programs.

Why should I care about sustainability?

Our collective lifestyles have a significant impact on the natural environment’s ability to supports all life on Earth. Students who adopt a sustainable lifestyle save money, improve health, and conserve resources.

What is the mission of the Office of Sustainability?

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for all PPCC students to learn about sustainability and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

How is the Office of Sustainability funded?

The Green Campus Fee financially supports the Office and the sustainability coordinator. You are charged this student fee each semester. The Green Campus Fee is voted on by all students every five years. The next vote will take place during the Spring Semester of 2021. For more information about student fees, visit the Financial Aid Office.

What services does the Office of Sustainability provide?

We offer students programs, activities, and community service. For programs, the Office of Sustainability manages the recycling, Sustainability Garden, hydroponics demonstration, solar picnic tables, and water bottle filling stations. For activities, we plan recycling competitions, field trips, classroom presentations, and trash art competitions. For community service, we plan creek cleanups each semester, participate in annual watershed-wide litter cleanup, host yearly children's water festival, and connect students to community resources.

Do you offer any sustainability classes or an academic program?

PPCC’s offers an Associate of Applied Science in Sustainability and Dietary Cuisine. The college also offers a wide array of classes where instructors have chosen to integrate sustainability into their curriculum.

What does the sustainability coordinator do?

The sustainability coordinator plans events and activities inside and outside the classroom that teaches sustainability and sustainable lifestyle habits. To support the educational programming, the coordinator manages student staff, utilizes online and community resources, and funds small-scale infrastructure projects.

How does the Office of Sustainability measure success?

We work with instructors to measure student learning with students engaged in class-related activities. 

What programs and activities does the Office of Sustainability have planned for the upcoming semester?

We plan a wide variety of events and activities each semester. Visit PPCC’s Calendar of Events for the most up-to-date information.

How does PPCC support the Office of Sustainability?

The Office is supported by Student Life, Student Activities, and Student Government Association through promoting awareness, providing guidance, and administrative support. The sustainability coordinator collaborates with instructors to integrate sustainability into various classes. The Office works with the Facilities Department to maintain our recycling, garden, and water station programs.

How involved is the Office of Sustainability in facility and operation projects?

We propose small-scale infrastructure projects to the Facilities Department that directly support our education programs for students. A few examples are recycling stations that teach recycling and hydration stations that encourage the practice of reuse. Since the Office of Sustainability is student fee funded, we do not have the authority to advise facility and operation projects.

How can you learn more or stay connected with PPCC’s Office of Sustainability?

Office: Centennial Campus, Aspen Building, 2nd Floor, Student Life


Events: PPCC’s Calendar of Events


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Sustainability Club: Email

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Contact Us

Sustainability Coordinator: Konrad Schlarbaum

Location: Centennial Campus, Student Life

Phone: (719) 502-2342

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